Relief of Regularity

Students Corner                                                                                                                                           By Diljyot Kaur  XII C (Humanities)


The entire world was affected by the novel corona virus which came to be known as COVID-19, the world faced the most catastrophic event it has ever seen.

With no vaccine and medicine, the entire world was in misery and at the mercy of God to survive. The rate of death was at its peak and families suffered the greatest loss of all times. People who lived hand to mouth had no means of livelihood. Migrant labourers had to walk to their villages for days as there were no means of transport. Covid -19 came in this world like a devil who took away many lives with it.

Meanwhile the governments of all the nations were researching for a vaccine which was subsequently introduced and brought a sigh of relief for all.

After a dreadful struggle of almost 2 years, everything like work-offices, colleges and schools have now returned to normalcy, though with precautions.

My college also started offline classes and now, by the grace of God, we have started attending our classes physically.

The college is taking all precautions like sanitising the classrooms, wearing masks (which has now been relaxed by the government), distanced sitting arrangements etc.

The online classes, at the time of covid-19, reduced the classroom experience and sitting at home not only shrank the confidence of students but also affected their mental and physical health. Our minds feel fresh and active after attending the college physically. It has also helped to increase the interaction with fellow students and professors which I dearly missed during Covid times. Not only has it boosted the confidence of all students but has also helped me and all other students to be physically active.

Life feels more normal and the panic and fear of Covid-19 seems to fade away due to the regular routine of physical lectures. The life seems to be back on track again.

This experience has taught us many lessons, some of them being that how important is the daily interaction and social engagement in our lives. 

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