Safety of the Students @ DPVN CBSE


DPVN CBSE ensures the welfare of our students at all times and this duty of care to students is paramount. The staff members work rigorously to ensure highest standards of safeguarding and child safety compliance. A committee and SOPs are outlined for the same. We regularly monitor and assess our campus to ensure the safety and security of our teaching and learning environment.

Safety Inside the School Campus

1. Ensuring Safe School Infrastructure and Environment

  • Regular inspection and required maintenance of the school building
    Arrangement for safe drinking water
  • Classroom guidelines to teach the learners proper usage of the equipment and practical tools
  • Regular inspection of the laboratory equipment
  • Experiments involving heat and hazardous chemicals are conducted under teachers’ guidance
  • Heavy-weights and electric circuits of physics laboratories are kept under safety limits
  • Regular monitoring of the lab standards and appropriate storage

2. First Aid and Medical Room Service

  • Emergency medical room inside the premises
  • First aid kits with all the necessary ointments and medicines handy
    Dedicated medical professional
  • Ensuring proper timely aid whenever required to avoid any severe after-effect

3. Mock drills and training to the students

  • Training about proper behaviour to avoid bullying and arrogant fights
  • Mock drills for students teaching them the usage of fire extinguishers and exits without panicking in case of emergencies
  • Training to make students aware of the traffic safety rules
  • Emergency helpline numbers available around different areas
  • POCSO training sessions for staff members to monitor, identify and report any case of abuse
  • Age-appropriate initiatives for students to create awareness about their rights and responsibilities towards themselves

4. Check for Unattended Safety Issues

We keep our vigilance on high alert to ensure that the children are not abused, bullied, and discriminated in the school premises under any circumstance.

School Transport Policy

A. School Bus Safety Policy

• Our school buses include:

  1. Lady Attendants
  2. CCTV camera
  3. GPS device
  4. Speed governors
  5. Emergency contacts display
  6. Emergency door clearly marked
  7. Student list display
  8. Route list with stop points display
  9. First aid kit
  10. Fire extinguishers

• At the time of student pick-up, the students are handed over by the parent/guardian to the School Bus Lady Attendants.
• Student attendance is marked in the ‘Bus Student Register’.
• School bus drop-off area is clearly marked, safe and secure. The walkway from drop-off area to school building gate is also clearly marked.
• Designated areas for school-bus parking.
• Regular checking of the School buses by the school security staff after drop-off to ensure no child is justify behind.
• At the time of dispersal, route-wise posting of the Bus-in-Charge Teachers in designated collection areas.
• Students are dropped-off only if parent/guardian is present. In case the he/she is not present at the designated stop, the parent/guardian is contacted. In case of no response, school is informed and such student is kept in the bus until the parent/guardian reaches a subsequent stop or the bus returns to school.
• During the time of student arrival and dispersal, no external visitors are permitted in the school campus. Only parents and school staff with valid school issued ID cards are permitted.
• During dispersal of students, teachers accompany the students to the main gate where the respective parents/guardians/escort card holders collect the students.

B. Policy for Students Walking & Cycling to School

• For walking students accompanied by their parents, only one parent is allowed entry upto the designated drop-off area where the teachers remain present. Parents are only allowed inside the school campus on presentation of their school issued Parent ID card.
• Only student cycles are allowed inside the school campus. Cycle parking stand is provided at the designated area.

July 2024