The STEAM (an acronym for Science, Technology,  Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) & Robotics lab, is a cutting-edge facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources. It promotes interdisciplinary learning and equips students with practical skills required in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, especially in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, serving as a hub for collaborative projects, scientific experiments, and artistic endeavours.

The DPVN STEAM & Robotics lab aims to foster creativity, critical thinking, and innovation among students, preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.


DPVN CBSE aims to provide our students with the confidence in making good, healthy eating decisions. Snacks are available in the cafeteria at break and hot and cold food is served at lunch time. We have a live kitchen on-site with expert cooks preparing food daily. Students are welcome to bring packed lunches or tiffin as well. We strive to ensure that the menu offerings are well-balanced and appetising.


The activity rooms are strategically designed to make learning more fun and exciting for the students. Students simply love this room as it has many toys and educational games that keep them engaged joyfully. The concept of the activity room is about ‘Learning’, through play, in a totally different, fun-filled environment. All games are conducted as a part of the planned educational programme.


The Maths lab eases the process of understanding a complex subject with Pictorial Visual aids to enhance learning and memory. Mathematics, a dreaded subject among most students comes alive here and students learn it with great interest. The concepts of 2D and 3D shapes are made clear through live demonstrations and models. Formulas and theories become extremely lucid when they make models of cylinders, cuboids, cubes, cones, spheres etc. Mathematical concepts are also taught to them through charts prepared by the students themselves.


Laboratories are an integral part of our curriculum and pedagogy, and enable our students to achieve a deeper understanding of concepts taught in the classroom by demonstrating to them applications and processes based on these concepts. In fact, no learning would be fun without practical demonstration. We have built state-of-art laboratories that are equipped with a variety of subject-relevant equipment to allow for an experiential learning process, at a pace suitable to each child’s abilities. During lab hours, the students are supervised and assisted by qualified technicians and subject facilitators. Our Laboratories also focus on measures to ensure Lab safety to avoid accidents.


Music communicates ideas through melody and expression and is a creative art form. Keeping this in mind, the Music Room has been designed that allows the musical sensibilities of the students flow effortlessly under the supervision and guidance of our experienced facilitator. The students learn different skills of music and engage in appreciation of the magical language of the soul.


The contemporary IT Lab is the cynosure of DPVN CBSE with ample number of computers and other related facilities. Our dedicated and trained facilitators guide the students through practical applications of computer science with the help of learning tools. Our IT Lab, equipped with latest hardware and software, helps students to develop a deeper understanding of technology and its working in every child. Giving them the infrastructure to enhance their computer skills, we have high speed internet connection service for 24 hrs for the students.


Every classroom in DPVN CBSE is technology enabled with Smart Classroom concept that provides tools and content mapped to the curriculum for an enhanced teaching and learning experience. These smart classes have exposed the students to 21st century learning-teaching environment by transforming the conventional classrooms to an advanced student-centric online learning environment with a better in-classroom experience. Educational videos from various sources are also available for teachers to use in the classroom for effective transaction of the lessons.


An infirmary with dedicated space and staff is also an integral part of the school infrastructure. A clinic room where students can rest or recover when they need medical attention. It is looked after by a qualified medical professional.


This learning centre of our school has a wide collection of fiction and non-fiction books. It offers a range of resources to the students to support the curriculum, develop their life-long learning abilities and foster a love of reading. The library resources comprise books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and many more.


DPVN CBSE believes that sport is the showcase of grit and determination that propels every student to be their best. Here, students are encouraged to be actively involved in sports, games and activities that nurture their physical growth and promote their overall development. We offer opportunities to participate in both individual and team-based, indoor and outdoor activities that require students to work towards individual and collective goal, strengthen camaraderie, and allow students to advance their sporting skills and abilities or discover new ones. The school also conforms to the 5 S’s of Sports : Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and, most importantly, Sportsman Spirit.