We believe that every student should enjoy our school environment, feel safe, secure and accepted regardless of color, race and gender. Bullying can be pushing, shoving, hitting and spitting as well as excluding someone.

Bullying causes pain and stress to victims and is never justified or excusable inside or outside school. The victim is never responsible for being the target of bullying. This school will not tolerate any behavior that is classified under the anti-bullying policy as bullying and will take firm steps to eliminate such behavior.

Cyber Bullying

Students must not engage in cyber bullying activities such as:-

  • Sending or posting embarrassing pictures or videos through Text Messages, Email, Facebook or Websites.
  • Creating fake profiles.
  • Students must report any suspicion of cyber bullying to a teacher or administrator as outlined in the bullying section of this handbook

Be Yourself

You are here because you want to know more about the world as much as about yourself. You are here because you are pursuing a dream. And you can start by being true to yourself, recognizing your talents, and developing them so that you become a genuine resource for God and Country.

Tips To Enjoy Campus Life At The School

Adhere to these three tipsto have a productive, fulfilling, and fun-filled journey.

Be Ready For The Future

Build your portfolio as you explore various avenues for growth. Multidisciplinary and collaborative undertakings will develop in you the values, knowledge and skills needed for your future career.

Be A Part Of Our Team

Stars are best remembered not in isolation, but as part of a constellation. A stellar performance is often achieved because of collective efforts of individuals who give their best and work as a team. 

Explore your potentials, build friendships, and learn the value of team work for a remarkable achievement.