DPVN CBSE School Education Pillars - Infrastructure, Curriculum, Teachers, Assessment

Let us understand the importance of CBSE School Education at Dnyanpushpa Vidya Niketan. As we need to prepare our present generation as future 21st century citizens with the readiness for uncertain future jobs equipping them with the required skills for a happy and healthy life so here DPVN CBSE School education serves as a vent towards 21st century education where the learners are equipped with the 21st century skills of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and paving the way to develop the last skill of Culture.

Infrastructure and Facilities

CBSE School Education Infrastructure and Facilities

CBSE School Education Curriculum

DPVN offers a high standard CBSE School education to our learners. Our structured carefully crafted, learner-centric curriculum gives our students the tools they will need to develop the skills and competencies essential to meet the challenges of the future. Exploration, innovation, problem-solving, independent expression, decision-making and other employable skills are actively encouraged through our curriculum and enrichment lessons. Students become informed, confident and active learners with a strong sense of self.

In keeping with the core values of the NEP, we focus on experiential learning, equity and discovery-based pedagogy with the help of fun, creative, collaborative and joyful exploratory activities in classroom. Teaching is further complemented by the presence of clubs, competitions and social events that enable students to apply their knowledge while engaging them productively. Learners are   given the opportunity to select the activities according to their liking and abilities.

Therefore, our robust CBSE School Education curriculum not only focuses on the content knowledge of our learners but also on the application of that knowledge to the higher order thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, self-awareness and creative thinking. The 21st Century Program offered by DPVN CBSE School in Belapur is a future-focused and integrated approach to learning and development of the future global citizens. It allows our learners to build their knowledge and skills from a personalized starting point to nurture their entrepreneurial sparks and interests in the professional world of tomorrow.

Innovative methodologies at DPVN CBSE School Education

  • Project Based Learning Method
  • Worksheets
  • Problem Solving
  • Group Discussions
  • Inductive Methods
  • School Parliament
  • Case Studies
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Circle Time
  • Brain Storming
  • E-learning Methods


DPVN CBSE, as a franchise of Dr. D. Y. Patil Group, believes in delivering quality education and offers the highest standards of learner-centric environment. Our team is a dynamic and dedicated group of hand-picked experts who are highly qualified and professionally trained. The engagement of our teachers in various developmental workshops and training sessions ensures that we continue to meet the high level of expectations of the parents.


v  Each academic year would be divided into two terms:



1st  Term Examination – September

2nd  Term Examination – March

Note : Examination Policy is subject to change as per CBSE directives

In each term one unit test shall be conducted. Subject Enrichment Activities and class Notebooks will also be marked.

Note :In the Theory Exam it is mandatory to secure minimum 33 % & above marks in all the subjects.

v  Every student is expected to maintain in record at least 75 % attendance during the year.

Grading Scale

CBSE School Education Grading Scale for Students

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