By  Navneeta Talukdar


For any student, scoring good marks in exam is the first thing on the wish list. And, securing full marks is like a dream come true for everyone. However, even the thought of securing a 100% result is overwhelming for most of us.
But fortunately, there is a list of steps that can help one to secure the dream score. Be it any exam-school level exam, college level exam, entrance exam or job-oriented examination- being confident and methodical is an absolute necessity.



1. Start with a study schedule

Making a well-planned study schedule is the first step to cover the syllabus effectively and get time for revision before the exam or test.This helps us in giving well-calculated weightage to each and every topic based on the difficulty level and importance. It also allows us to devote time to sample papers, revision, and mock tests before the exam.

2. Time Management 


Only making a schedule and chasing it thoughtlessly won’t help if we can’t efficiently manage our time. Effective time management directs us to develop a balanced study program and allows us to carefully balance the study sessions and rest periods. It saves us from consuming ourselves totally and getting exhausted before the exams.

3. Recognizing the weak points

It’s important to focus and work on our areas or topics of weakness and make the necessary improvements. Our teachers and educators can always be consulted with whenever we feel the need. We can also ask our friends for assistance.



4. Making study notes

Making study notes is always an excellent idea to ace any topic. Once we feel a particular topic is over and well-comprehended by us, we must make notes on that topic. It enables us to effectively summarize the chapter or the topic, and retain the concept.

5. Explaining the topic to someone

Explaining the lesson to someone else is fun as well as a very effective method of revision. Anyone can learn a subject from us, a sibling, a family member, or a friend. We can even stand in front of a wall or a mirror and explain the topic.

6. Sample papers and mock tests

Solving sample papers and taking mock tests are wonderful techniques to assess our grip on the topic and take actions for improvement as required. It also boosts our confidence and enables us to figure out the areas where we need to put in more efforts for a comprehensive exam preparedness.

7. Understanding the high scoring areas

There are few portions or areas in each subject that receive a high score. Performing well in those particular areas guarantees a good score in the exam.We have to ensure that we are concentrating on those areas and working on improving ourselves while planning our study schedule. Having said that, we must not ignore the other portions of our paper, as they contribute significantly to its overall weight.

8. Revision 


Consistent revision is always the most effective part of preparation for the exam. Our study plan should be set up so that we finish the syllabus at least a month before the big test and have enough time in hand for effective and continuous revision.

9. Organized study space


Keeping our study area well organized and away from any distractions like computer, mobile phones, television, video games, etc. helps enormously in our exam preparation. Focused and effective study sessions are essential, and having a neat desk is undoubtedly helpful.

10. Don’t Avoid Textbooks


Although making notes and referring to various reliable sources is a smart idea, we must not give our textbooks a final farewell as these are the most effective and comprehensive educational resources. The CBSE syllabus is broad, but with the appropriate advice from our textbooks, we can easily complete it. Our textbooks have every topic explained simply and supported by appropriate examples and illustrations. These textbooks also test at the chapter level to measure the comprehension of the chapter as a whole.



All it takes is the proper application of extremely basic procedures. And believe me, with your sincere and well-guided efforts, it is absolutely possible to not only score good marks but secure 100% marks even in your most decisive exams like CBSE Board Exam.
Master Gagansingh Panwar, a very bright student who appeared in the CBSE Board Exams 2023, has set an example in this context by scoring 100 marks in Computer Applications. While sharing the secret of his achievement, he gives credit to his well-planned study schedule, effective revision and proper guidance of the school.
Securing a good score in an exam requires a strategical study process; there are no shortcuts to success! A perfect plan also depends a lot upon the personality and temperament of the examinee. So, there is no ‘one size fits all’ study plan. You have to personalize the plan as per your need and preference.
So, with these steps and some helpful advice from a top scorer, you are all set for outstanding achievement.


All the best!

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