Hero- Perception and Reality

Days We Celebrate                                                                                                                                       By Mrs. Sneha Jagtap

I recently came across a tweet on twitter, “We should start calling Actors as Entertainers; and our Army & Police Personnel as our Heroes for our next generation to know the actual meaning of real heroes.”

These words rolled in my head for days & yes, it is true ;the tweet said it so correctly. I started thinking on the sentence and I went in my childhood. I had been introduced to an actor as a Hero. I remember, I had questioned my mother for the first time while watching a movie, “Who is he?” She quickly replied ,“He is the Hero; and she is the Heroine.” I simply took the information and captured it in my mind. And for me, they were my heroes and heroines, now whatever they did or wore was something I followed.

We, knowingly or unknowingly, follow them. Whatever they advertise is the best for us. We are highly motivated and inspired by them. This was my situation. But there are many other people who follow them crazily. They worship them like crazy. Whatever they speak is taken as true by their followers. But we tend to forget that they are also into business (Show business).They are also working like other workers. They are employees like any other employees. And, they get paid for all this. Everybody here is struggling for money. I do not wish to get into the debate of who struggles less or more. But why respect for only one section of the society? We should respect each and every person who earns for his or her family. A farmer works so hard for his family and the nation too; so why he is not a Hero? A soldier fighting for our nation; then is he not a Hero? Our Indian army working so hard to safeguard our country. Every now and then we hear the news of some people dying for the country and their families suffering loss. Aren’t they our true heroes? The doctors, the policemen, the fire fighters, the teachers- they all contribute for the development of the society and the nation as a whole. We should respect them and teach our children to respect them too.

With all these thoughts in my mind I came to a conclusion that we should now break the chain, and let our children know the reality .Let’s introduce them to the exact facts right from the very beginning. The other day me and my three-year-old daughter were sitting on a sofa watching a movie, and she curiously asked me,” Who is he in the film?” I told her, “He is an Actor; and he does films to entertain us!”

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