Experience of My Second Trek to Sagargad

Hello everyone! I am Parijat Saha of Class 4B. How are you all? I hope that you are fine.

As we all know that, these days we live in comfort and far away from Mother Nature. So sometimes we ought to have contact with Mother Nature.

On 15th August this year, my neighbouring brother, uncle, father and me went on a trek to the Sagargad fort. It was tricky but exciting.

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We could go till the village Khandale by car and had to walk from there till the base of the mountain. We sometimes had to walk through very narrow roads. We kept on having short food-and-water breaks.


As we reached the first plateau, we could see a troop of cute little monkeys. Then we went for the view point just a little ahead. It really had a fantastic view. We could see the sea and two island-forts.







Siddheswari Waterfalls

We could see the amazing Siddheswari waterfall, collect colourful pebbles and see crabs.


There it is

After a lot of struggles, surprises and challenges we reached our destination – THE SAGARGAD FORT! After all the efforts we put in we got a real reward from Mother Nature. No, not a precious stone. No, not a tasty food or a pretty looking flower. But something greater than those. A feeling of achievement.Yes


The YES! Feeling

At the edge of the fort walls, at the corner of the land, I stood and felt the strong wind coming up from the valley on my body. This gushing wind made me feel as if I was flying in the air.

The Flying Me

We could go higher but the way back was very tricky. But you may go higher if you want.

We also took some photographs at the view point and near the fort walls as these made good background.

I cannot explain how much happy I was.

This is Parijat signing off.

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