Gathering together in large groups is a prime training ground for teaching the Learners discipline and social behavior.
During School assembly, they absorbs the habit to sit quietly, listen attentively, and participate appropriately when necessary. These skills are all valuable both inside and outside of the classroom and school…….


Thinking, listening, looking, speaking, and concentrating are the skills that emerge during circle time… In turn, learners learn to show respect, take turns, and work together toward a solved problem or shared vision.

Circle time usually follows a set structure that encourages every learner to get involved.

Our little DPVNites always enjoy and get encouraged with the interaction and feel comfortable with their peers…



“Eat better feel better”

A fruit salad dressing activity was organised virtually for our tiny tots….Learners prepared a fruit platter of delicious and colourful fruits with the assistance of their parents.

The little ones were ecstatic about the activity and had a great time making a colourful fruity delight.

The little learners were sensitized about the importance of including fruits in their daily diet as well as their nutritional benefits. They also learnt to identify, differentiate between and express the distinct taste of various fruits.

The activity was not only fun-filled but also had great learning outcomes……



Sports improve our competence

Bring into life top level brilliance

Sports bring out our mettle

Give strength to face life’s battle

Sports improve the quality of human life which bring discipline, value of dedication and patience. Sports and games also maintain mental and physical balance. This year had been a year of online classes but that did not affect the physical training of our students just like their academics……. The tiny tots of Pre-primary Section were excited for virtual sports day. One minute games were selected for the children and everyone got a chance to participate. The enthusiasm of the little stars was evidence of the successful virtual event.

The prize Distribution ceremony was presided over by our respected Principal ma’am, Ms.Ashu Rana. The top three positions were awarded for each game in each class with certificates and Medals. Principal ma’am appreciated all the tiny tots with her motivational words. All the participants were motivated and appreciated for their participation and were given participation e-certificates.


It was a thrilling day and proof of the fact that sports are considered equally important with academics for the all-round development of the Learners in DPVN……..


After a long wait of two years, the school doors were opened for the Pre-Primary children on 31st January, 2022. The eventful day began with a grand welcome to the tiny tots by the honorable Principal, Ms Ashu Rana and the respected Section-Head, Ms Parminder Gill along with the other educators.

Our little learners were really excited to meet their new home and new family. They were introduced to their classrooms and their friends….

The kids had a great time performing the dance actions and movements for their favourite sing-song phrases and rhymes…

A special Magic Show was conducted for the ever so curious little ones, which was relished and took them to the wonderland of magic and mystery…

At dispersal, the day was made bountiful by giving the little children Stars, Chocolates, Balloons, etc. as take away to end the first day of their school with lasting happiness and joy…



Parent Teacher Meeting plays a crucial role in enhancing a child’s education. Interactive PTM was organized on 30th November at DPVN along with a SENSORY WORKSHOP for the tiny learners…
The Sensory workshop was beautifully executed and represented in a very creative approach to teach the learners to explore and enhance their knowledge.
Overwhelmed with appreciation and enthusiastic response received from parents and kids….
Last but not the least, for the day’s success, It’s our Principal Ma’am Ms.Ashu Rana, under her valuable guidance that drives a creative work atmosphere and instilling positive shaping of teacher’s work…


Independence Day was celebrated virtually with fervor zest, enthusiasm and vigor. Our little toddlers performed on various patriotic activities such as speech and creative making of flag. The tiny tots mesmerized everyone with their vibrant performances. Let’s have glimpse of it.


The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Ganesha who is the God of wisdom and new beginnings.
Children passionately involved in making the mask of their endearing Ganesha.
Here is the glimpse of it.


India has been celebrating Teacher’s Day on 5th September, since 1962. The day commemorates the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan,
a philosopher and a teacher par excellence, and his contribution towards Indian education system.

A heartfelt note of thanks by the tiny tots through the way of creative cards, expressing their love and respect towards their teachers, made the
Teacher’s Day a Special Day.

A heartfelt note of thanks by the tiny tots through the way of creative cards, expressing their love and respect towards their teachers, made the
Teacher’s Day a Special Day.


Janmashtami festival which marks the birth of Lord Krishna brings lots of splendour, colour and gaiety. To enhance the spirit of festivity our little DPVN’s took an initiative to unleash their talent and creativity.


Raksha Bandhan is the festival of love and bond between a brother and a sister. On the occasion of this festival, the tiny tots showcased their creativity and innovative ideas to make beautiful ‘Rakhis‘.


The little ones from Pre-primary section of DPVN showcase their creative skill and talent through activities like drawing and colouring with alphabets, paper tearing collage artwork and Fork painting…

Here’s a glimpse of it..


Keeping the festive spirit alive, Dussehra was celebrated with zeal andenthusiasm. Our cute little angels and their parents showed their creativity bymaking Dussehra crafts.


Creative activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. Our Pre-Schoolers making it possible. Here is a glimpse of it.


Nature is our best friend and a gift to all. It helps us to live a healthy life and provides beauty to the environment. Nature always makes us feel relaxed and interests kids as well. Our little DPVNs exploring and participating in creative play.


Rain is not only drops of water, it’s the love of sky for the earth. They never meet each other but sends love this way. 
Our little ones with their drawing and colouring are singing as “Rain rain don’t go away, stay and play another way!”


We welcome you all to our DPVN family and to this enormous library of learning and it’s going to be a fantastic year filled with new things, working together and having lots of fun!! Enjoy each day, have fun and keep smiling!!!

The kids of the pre primary section received a warm welcome from their teachers. Here’s a glimpse of it!!!


Keeping the barrier of  Pandemic away from the learning process of the little ones, weat DPVN are successfully running the online session with prime focus on the Holistic Development of the tiny tots.


National Reading Day is celebrated on 19th June every year, a day in remembrance of late P. N. Panicker, father of India’s Library Movement.

It aimed to promote to reading habits among students…

When children learn to read at an early age, they have greater general knowledge, a wider range of vocabulary. Our Senior Kg students are being part of this remarkable day…..Here’s a glimpse of it!!!


This is the day when we can say a big Thank you to our Dads for their unconditional love and lifelong guidance.

Our DPVN kids are expressing their love by making these beautiful cards, taking picture with their father and in a special way are saying “I love you Papa”!!!


“Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim.  The better you practice, the brighter the flame!!

Our tiny tots of DPVN celebrated the International Yoga Day with much fervour and enthusiasm. The boundless peace of doing the Asanas was amply visible right from the faces of the students.


Listening to stories are fun for all children……
It helps to develop child’s imagination by introducing new ideas into their world….
The students enthusiastically participated and enjoyed creative storytelling activities which enhanced their imagination….