“Words do two major things: they provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness.”

The second day of the DPVN Summer Camp 2024-25 witnessed the learners soaring high on the wings of imagination, logical thinking and impressive expressions through Story Telling, JAM Elocution, and Speech. The day really gave a boost to the public speaking skills of the young minds as they got the opportunity to break free of their inhibitions and give words to their imaginations and thoughts. Under the guidance of the expert in-charges, the learners brought the imaginative world of the stories to reality in the Story Telling Session, learnt to organize and express their views in a limited time in the JAM Elocution, and put across their own notions in a convincing way through the Speech and artistic depiction in the form of art. DPVN believes in empowering the young orators with the right tools and knowledge to lead the future with fortitude.


The eagerly awaited DPVN Summer Camp 2024-25 commenced on 2nd May 2024, Thursday, with a lot of excitement and exuberance. The 10 day long multi-activity camp was inaugurated by the most esteemed, Honourable Dr. Shivani V Patil, Pro Chancellor & Vice President, D Y Patil University. Under the skilful orchestration of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, the third edition of the camp offers a varied range of interesting activities for the learners that aid their overall development and enrich their personality.

The first day of the summer camp saw budding artists of the DPVN community engaged creatively in various activities in the gracious presence of their favourite, Honourable Shivani Ma’am. While the tiny ones of DPVN Kids painted the campus bright with their Colouring Activity, the learners of DPVN had a fun time with Art and Craft.

At DPVN, we nurture the innate talents and skills of the learners while giving them the opportunity to bring out the genius in them and bloom with confidence.


The Principals’ Day 2024 was celebrated at DPVN to honour the invaluable contribution of one of the most acclaimed educationists and our most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana, in the field of education. It was an opportune moment for the DPVN community to express their heartfelt gratitude to their dear leader, coach and mentor for her extraordinary role in refining the present and redefining the future with expertise and finesse of an illuminated mind and compassionate heart.

The story of rise of DPVN is essentially the story of unending inspiration and tireless efforts of the dynamic personality of our most respected Principal Ma’am. Right from the educators to the learners, the immense positive impact of respected Principal Ma’am has justify an indelible mark on the entire DPVN family, and we are committed to take forward that rich legacy of excellence ahead with conviction under her supreme orchestration.


DPVN, Belapur, celebrated the significant occasions of Maharashtra Day and World Labour Day with vigour on 1st May 2024, Wednesday, in the kind presence of the most Respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana. Highlighting the statehood, rich culture and precious legacy of Maharashtra, and the significance of the unified spirit of the labours in the progress of the entire humanity, the event was a reminder of the glory and pride of our rights and awakening. The emotions of the staff members came alive through a mesmerizing and soulful musical presentation. The highlight of the program was a special address by the Respected Principal Ma’am that paid tribute to the great land of Maharashtra.


“May this birthday make all your dreams come true. Wishing you a joyous day and a successful year ahead.”

Team DPVN, under the guidance of Respected Principal Ma’am, got the exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Birthday celebration of Honourable Dr Shivani V Patil, Pro-Chancellor and Vice-President, D Y Patil University, in the gracious presence of Honourable Dr Vijay D Patil, Chancellor & President, D Y Patil University.

The significant event was marked with sweet wishes and heartfelt gratitude through impressive recitation and dance performances by the DPVNites on behalf of the entire DPVN family for the distinguished leader, mentor and guide to numerous positive change-makers in the society. Honourable Shivani Ma’am’s inspirational service in the field of education has been the source of light giving hope to unlimited dreams and happiness to many families.

We wish the legendary personality a very Happy Birthday and a long and prosperous life.


The pre-birthday celebration of Honorable Dr. Shivani V Patil, Pro-Chancellor & Vice-President, D. Y. Patil University, was a momentous occasion at DPVN, Belapur, on 24th April 2024, Wednesday. The event was raised to an altogether different level with the kind presence of one of the most admired leaders of modern times, Honorable Dr. Vijay D Patil, Chancellor & President, D. Y. Patil University.

Under the meticulous guidance of the most respected Principal Ma’am, the team DPVN organized a heart-touching celebration with the tiny DPVNites of DPVN Kids wishing their favorite, Honourable Shivani Ma’am, with warm and loving messages. The students and the entire team took this opportunity to express once again their heart-felt gratitude for the exemplary influence and inspiration that guide us on the path to excellence.


“The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth.”

The environmentally conscious future global citizens of DPVN CBSE, Belapur, celebrated the Earth Day with a lot of enthusiasm and empathy for our home planet. A wide range of engaging activities and enriching presentations like poster making, slogan writing, bird- feeder making and planting saplings, brought the essence of the day alive, and helped to provide the learners with a hands-on learning on the need to care for and conserve our beautiful home.

Under the immaculate leadership of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN is committed to foster the spirit of the collective responsibility in our future generations to unite in efforts for a healthier planet and a better tomorrow.


It is said that “Fire prevention is self-protection”. On 20th April 2024, Saturday, a fire drill was conducted at DPVN, Belapur, to ensure the safety and preparedness of the staff-members in case of an emergency.

With the support of the Honorable Management, and under the skilful guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, the team completed the drill successfully and tested the readiness and response of the attendees highlighting the importance of safety training and its role in preventing accidents and injuries. The event also underlined the fact that at DPVN, safety is a culture and not a program.


Inspired by the enormous vision of Honorable Dr. Vijay D Patil, Chancellor & President, D Y Patil University, and Honorable Dr. Shivani V Patil, Pro-Chancellor & Vice-President, D Y Patil University, we, at DPVN, believe that enrichment, like education, is a dynamic, evolving, lifelong process.

With the aim to expand the horizons of the DPVNites, the Inauguration of Enrichment Program 2024-25 was organized with the view of restarting the EP classes for the current session. The occasion was marked by the gracious presence of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, as the distinguished Chief Guest. The motivating words of the respected Principal Ma’am encouraged the learners to discover their true potential while highlighting the significance of the extra-curricular engagements for a holistic growth. The event also brought the opportunity for the learners to get introduced to their instructors and coaches.

Under the guidance of the respected Principal Ma’am, the Enrichment Program at DPVN, Belapur, which is an amalgamation of a host of indoor and outdoor activities right from chess to box-cricket, painting to football, dance to taekwondo, and many more, is an essential part of the curriculum and helps in enhancing learning process. These activities have been designed and balanced with the academic curriculum so that every learner gets to learn beyond subjects. They are meant to enhance social skills, intellectual skills, moral values and personality development in the DPVNites for a vibrant tomorrow.


DPVNites experienced a grand welcome at DPVN by their teachers on the very first day of their school in 2024-25. The day started with enormous enthusiasm and captivating optimism as the learners rejoined the school to start the latest episode of their educational journey.

To make the day special for them, the educators had planned a fun-filled introductory schedule for them under the guidance of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana. The young lively learners were greeted with open arms and heart-melting smiles by their favourite cartoon character; then the morning was made unforgettable by a Special Morning Assembly crafted and presented by the educators for their super- excited students. The occasion turned really significant as the learners got the opportunity to be addressed by the most respected principal Ma’am who advised them to enjoy the journey of learning and evolving throughout. She also urged the young minds to dedicate themselves on the mission to reach excellence with undying efforts and contribute constructively to build a better tomorrow. To elevate the happiness amongst the students, the educators also gave take-away gifts to the students as a gesture of warmth and encouragement.

With the eternal inspiration of the Honorable Management, immaculate leadership of the most respected Principal Ma’am, valuable support of the parents, and dedicated contribution of the staff-members, DPVN, Belapur looks forward to yet another momentous academic year filled with fun, learning and remarkable growth for our learners.


DPVN, Belapur, hosted the Parents’ Orientation Program 2024-25 under the guidance of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, on 3rd and 4th April 2024, to provide the parents of DPVN family with essential information and insights to help them support their child’s education during the upcoming session.

The orientation started with an overview of the school’s vision and mission, emphasizing the commitment to academic excellence and holistic development of students leading them to ‘Believe & Become’. Parents were given a detailed overview of the curriculum, including the key subjects at different grades, teaching methodologies, and assessment practices, and they got the opportunity to meet and interact with the school-counsellor for understanding their role better in the lives of the young learners. Parents were encouraged to actively support their child’s participation in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of their child.

The orientation highlighted the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education and encouraged parents to participate in school events, volunteer opportunities, and parent-teacher interactions. Parents were also informed about the school’s support services and their direct communication with the services was facilitated by setting up special counters, such as the book stalls, bus vendor counter, the school uniform and shoes counter. A special admission counter was also provided for any added academic support to ensure that parents are aware of the resources available to help their child thrive.

Overall, the DPVN Parents’ Orientation Program 2024-25 was informative and engaging, providing parents with valuable insights and resources to support their child’s education during the upcoming session. The event fostered a sense of partnership between the school and parents, laying the foundation for a successful academic year ahead.


DPVN Teachers’ Induction Program 2024-25 was conducted on 2nd April 2024, Tuesday, under the expert guidance of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana. The session was a formal introduction of the staff members to the DPVN Management, Leadership, along with the Vision and Mission that drive us to reach excellence. The event was aimed towards setting a strong foundation for the entire team to work in close collaboration to create a positive nurturing environment for the learners. The motivating words of our most respected Principal Ma’am charged the team with confidence and assuredness to start the session with enthusiasm and optimism.


The guest speaker for the day was the eminent psychologist, Ms Rachna Sabu, who sensitized the educators about the significant role played by them in the life of the students, and also empowered them with few insightful ideas to enhance their skill. The beloved Coordinators and Section Heads presented the academic plan for the year, and discussed the Key Responsible Areas of the educators, while leveraging the team strengths for a promising academic year ahead.


DPVN, Belapur, in association with the Cambridge University Press, organized a seminar on School Quality Assessment and Assurance (SQAA) and National Education Policy (NEP) Principles and Implementation Strategies on 1st April 2024, Monday.

With the support of the Honourable Management, and encouragement of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, the event was a perfect start for the educators to an eventful academic session filled with enthusiasm and dedication. Packed with interesting sessions that included informative presentation, group discussions, brainstorming, hands-on activities, question-answer segment, open discussion, etc., the event provided valuable insights into evaluating and implementing various teaching strategies to ensure an enriching learning environment.