“Celebrations infuse life with passion and purpose. They summon the human spirit.”

DPVN CBSE School Belapur celebrated its 3rd Annual Fest, on 2nd March 2023, Thursday, at HMCT Auditorium, Nerul. The event was graced by the most respected Chief Guest, Mrs Shivani V Patil, Honourable Vice President, D Y Patil Group and other esteemed dignitaries.

With the encouragement of the Honourable Management, and immaculate orchestration of our respected Principal Ma’am, the team DPVN came up with two most interesting themes for their Annual Fest. The first part of the event was designed and executed by the Pre-Primary Wing where they brought in the magic of the classic tale, Beauty and the Beast, alive with their mesmerizing musical, dance and dramatic performances. The latter part of the Fest saw the learners and educators of Grade 1 onwards teaming up to present the ideal world through their theme of One World, One Dream. Among the values depicted were the traits of Peace, Love, Teamwork, Unity, Dream and Hope to draw a beautiful picture of the world that we all desire.

The highlight of the day was the unveiling of the School Magazine, Inspiria 2022-23, by the respected Principal Ma’am.

Happy, excited faces of our students, parents and staff are the testimony of the super entertaining evening spent fabulously in the company of world-class cricket, friends and family.



DPVN CBSE School Belapur family got the exclusive opportunity of being a witness to the Grand Opening and the first match of Women’s Premier League (WPL), the most well-known T20 leagues in the world with outstanding players from all over the globe exhibiting their abilities on 4th March, 2023, Saturday, at D Y Patil Stadium. Happy, excited faces of our students, parents and staff are the testimony of the super entertaining evening spent fabulously in the company of world-class cricket, friends and family.


“What we call the beginning is often the end.
And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

Farewell Function for the learners of Grade XII of DPVN CBSE School Belapur, the Revoir 2022-23, was conducted in the school premises on 17th February 2023, Friday. The party was organized by the learners of Grade XI under the guidance of the respected Coordinators and educators. The farewell stage turned into an interesting canvas of vivid emotions and heartfelt presentations dedicated to the seniormost batch of the school. The outgoing batch of DPVNites was enthralled by the motivating message of our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana. Overall, the day was painted in the colours of fun and emotions and justify an impression to last a lifetime in our memories.


“Physical toughness and mental health are both improved by participating in sports.”

DPVN Champions 2022-23, the Annual Sports Meet of DPVN CBSE School Belapur, brought one of the most awaited events of the academic session in the brightest of colors with our learners, staff members and parents participating whole-heartedly displaying their superlative qualities of strength, determination, resilience and team-spirit. One of the highlights of the event  was the gracious presence of the most respected Chief Guest, Mrs Shivani V Patil, Honorable Vice-President, D Y Patil Group. Under the meticulous harmonization and well-oriented guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana, the tireless efforts of our staff-members, rigorous hard work of our learners and undying support of our parents united to create an extraordinary spectacle of sportsmanship through DPVN Champions 2022-23.


“To be a champion, compete; to be a great champion, compete with the best;
but to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself.”

DPVN CBSE congratulates Aleeza Nabeel Shaikh of Grade 8, Ameerah Shaikh of Grade 2B, and Raafae Shaikh of Grade Sr. Kg B, the proud achievers of the Japalouppe Annual Equestrian Games 2023. We are raised by the rise of our dear learners.


“Freedom in mind, strength in the words, pureness in our blood, and pride in our souls. Let’s salute our martyrs on Republic Day. Happy Republic Day!”

Under the nationalistic ideologies of the renowned D. Y. Patil Group, acclaimed Heads and dignitaries of different wings of the organization united to celebrate the 74th Republic Day turning the premises of D. Y. Patil University into a spectacular canvas of patriotic glory and national pride on 26th January, 2023, Thursday. The most-esteemed, Mrs Shivani V Patil, Honourable Vice President, D Y Patil Group, graced the occasion with her kind and inspiring presence.

The campus of DPVN CBSE School Belapur also glowed with the ardour of vibrant presentations and performances by the DPVNites depicting our intense feelings for the Mother Nation. The inspirational message of our respected Principal, Mrs Ashu Rana, invigorated the learners with a sense of responsibility and pride for India. The gracious presence of respected Chief Guest, ASI Kalyani Patil, CBD Belapur, was greatly encouraging and highlighted the importance of women power in crafting a new future for our country and countrymen.


“My Faith is in the Younger Generation, the Modern Generation, out of them will come my workers. They will work out the whole problem, like Lions.” ― Swami Vivekananda

The learners of DPVN CBSE School Belapur celebrated the National Youth Day as a tribute to the global spiritual and philosophical leader, Swami Vivekananda, on his 160th birth anniversary on 12th January, 2023. Inspiring presentations and performances by learners infused a feeling of determination and dedication for the mankind among the young citizens of future world. Influenced by the principles of such icons of service to mankind, and steered by the energetic and resourceful leadership of our respected Principal Ma’am, we are committed to create a generation of global heroes who will be the forerunners crowned with high moral values and exemplary courage.


At DPVN CBSE School Belapur, the health, safety and overall well-being of our students are of paramount importance. In this context, DPVN CBSE, in association with D Y Patil Hospital and Research Centre, organized a free eye check-up camp for the students and staff in the school premises on 4th and 5th January 2023.

The camp provided an exclusive opportunity to our students and staff members to get a thorough check up of their eye-health and get the expert professional guidance of the acclaimed ophthalmologists of the renowned DY Patil Hospital and Research Centre.
Under the transformational leadership of our respected Principal Ma’am, we continue to show the path of excellence with compassion for a better tomorrow.


“Let us have music for Christmas…
Sound the trumpet of joy and rebirth;
Let each of us try, with a song in our hearts,
To bring peace to men on earth.”

Learners of DPVN CBSE School Belapur ushered in the spirit of Christmas through a Special Morning Assembly. The special celebration began with a message from Santa Claus, followed by Christmas Carols and dance presentation. Highlight of the programme was a musical rendition of the “Good King Wenceslas”. Our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana graced the occasion and addressed the learners and the staff members highlighting the true spirit and joy of the season.

The celebrations got a little extra remarkable for the staff of DPVN CBSE as they celebrated Secret Santa Soiree and enjoyed the merry session of secret gifts. DPVN CBSE wishes a merry Christmas to you and your family!


“In this game, everyone needs a break to refuel, recharge and jump back in full throttle.”

The learners of Grades X to XII of DPVN CBSE School Belapur were excited to add a splash of fun and adventure as they visited Wet n Joy Water Park and Theme Park, Lonavala for the annual school picnic on 23rd December 2022, Friday.

With a range of water-sports and activities, our learners enjoyed the break in the regular school routine and experienced thrilling fun. The learners and educators got an opportunity to bond outside the four walls of the classroom in a different environment and created memories to last a lifetime.
With the result-oriented yet compassionate approach of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN CBSE strives to provide the best of opportunities to the learners to bloom in academics and beyond.


The learners of Grades VI to IX of DPVN CBSE were excited to go for the school picnic and visit Juice Adventure Park, the outdoor adventure and recreational sports resort, on 19th December 2022, Monday.
With educational and fun activities aimed at maximizing skill-development, the resort provided an ideal platform to our learners for recreation and rejuvenation while syncing the body and mind for enhanced learning outcomes.
With the result-oriented guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN CBSE School Belapur is committed to bridge the gap between the lessons learnt in the class and the life experienced beyond the four walls.


“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”

Congratulations to the sparkling sporting gems of DPVN CBSE School Belapur, Aadal Salim Shaikh and Adnan Riyaz Sayyed of Grade XII who have once again given us reasons to celebrate success with their exceptional performance in the U-19 Athletics events of DSO Tournament held on 13th and 14th December 2022 at Rajiv Gandhi School, Belapur.

While Adnan Riyaz Sayyed made us proud by securing the Second and Third Positions in Long Jump and 100 m Race respectively, Aadal Salim Shaikh has bagged the First Position in Long Jump.

With the inspiration of our Respected Principal, Mrs Ashu Rana, and a robust curriculum that incorporates co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, we are committed towards the all-round development of our learners and nurture their diverse talents


The learners of Grades I to V of DPVN CBSE were overjoyed to visit Kidzania for their school picnic, and experience the fun and educational games and role plays. It came as a whiff of fresh air in the bright morning of December 17, 2022 amidst their regular scholastic and co-scholastic curriculum. While they were thoroughly delighted to play the role of various professionals and learn with hands-on experience, the picnic offered them innumerable stories to tell and memories to treasure.

With the well-directed mentorship of our beloved Principal Ma’am, DPVN CBSE School Belapur is devoted to make every experience a joyful learning of life lessons for the future professionals and of this world.


With an aim to educate and make the young girls understand the importance of health and hygiene especially during menstruation, Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Healthcare Limited organized a workshop for the girls of Grades V to VII on 14th December, 2022, Wednesday. The event was led by Ms HarshaliBaisane, and offered a mindful introduction to the best healthy practices to be adopted by the girls during their crucial phase.

With the right guidance of an acclaimed leader like our respected Principal Ma’am, we, at DPVN CBSE School Belapur, lay special importance to the holistic well-being of our learners and ensure that they evolve as empowered and robust future global citizens.


Cialfo, the global edtech company for supporting the students throughout the early career exploration and college search and selection process, conducted a workshop for the learners of Grade XII, on 13th December 2022, Tuesday in the premises of DPVN CBSE School Belapur. Learners were sensitized about the scopes for their higher education in more than 1000 universities across over 50 countries, and were also informed about the Cialfo Scholarships. This workshop was a glimpse of the doorway to study abroad for all the learners without getting overwhelmed by the increasingly cluttered and confusing space, so they can take the best next steps towards realizing their ideal future.


“When Science is being inspired, Technology makes the impossible as possible, Engineering creates something from non-existence, Art is creativity of imagination and Math is felt in heart, we call it STEAM Education.”

DPVN CBSE School Belapur ignited the imagination and set the soul of the learners on fire by conducting the STEAM FEST – ASTRA 2022 on 26th November 2022, Saturday. With the learners across all the grades participating enthusiastically in the exhibition, it was an awe-inspiring team work of motivated future intellectual and creative leaders. It is with the strong vision, enormous support and result-oriented guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana, that the dedicated team of DPVN CBSE brought ideas of the learners to reality. The parents were also excited to see the confluence of innovative engineering and creative expression in their wards.

Term I PTM 2022-23

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

The Term I PTM for the session 2022-23 brought another opportunity for DPVN CBSE School Belapur family to come together with a view of analysing and accelerating the growth and development of our learners. With insightful feedback of the educators, the parents and the learners received result-oriented observation for the holistic improvement of our learners.

Parents were very encouraging and supportive, and were extremely appreciative of the efforts taken by the team DPVN CBSE for curricular and co-curricular programs under the impeccable mentorship of our respected Principal, Mrs. Ashu Rana.
Besides the PTM, the professional counselling sessions of the learners with their parents was truly beneficial for their personal, social and emotional development. The learners and parents were also excited to explore the engaging world of Book Fair where reality met imagination.


“Investing in education and providing 21st century skills for students are the fundamental components to the nation’s continued growth and prosperity.”

The learners of DPVN CBSE celebrated the Children’s Day in a unique manner that blended the 21st Century Skills Program with their own interpersonal skills and innate talents. The day was enlivened by the learners across all the grades engaging in creative Fancy Dress Competition, impressive mono acts and entertaining comedy skits. The learners of Grades 1 to 6 participated in the Fancy Dress Competition showcasing their own interpretation of various characters and costumes. The learners of Grades 7 to 12 displayed their acting abilities through mono acts and comedy skits. While the surfeit of vivid activities and performances made the day memorable, it also bears a testimony to the commitment that the team of DPVN CBSE School Belapur has towards building a new generation of dynamic leaders and innovators under the guidance of our respected Principal.


“There are some things that we can’t buy, one of such things is our childhood.”

DPVN CBSE celebrated the Children’s Day with vivacity and excitement. A Special Morning Assembly by the educators set the mood just right from the early hours of the day. The learners were thrilled to see their very familiar educators in an unfamiliar way immersed in the vivid, immaculate colours of childhood. The educators manifested the joy and bliss of the occasion through a musical medley of some of the popular numbers and an enthusiastic dance performance for the learners. Our respected Principal, Mrs Ashu Rana reminded the learners of the true significance of childhood with her encouraging words.

DPVN CBSE School Belapur wishes all the lovely fragrant flowers of this colourful garden a Very Happy Children’s Day!


“Every child you pass in the hall has a story that needs to be heard. Maybe you are the one meant to hear it.”

A training session was undertaken for teachers on the topic ‘Effective Practices and Counselling Skills” for upskilling them on being the primary source of support for the students in need.

As students spend half of their growing years in school and college, teachers have a significant role to play in shaping the personality and perspectives of the learners. Teachers who are in constant touch with the students can initiate individual or group conversations, encourage students to open up and then guide students to the school counsellor when necessary. This makes the role of a teacher imperative in an academic set-up. With the expert, compassionate and learner-centric approach of our respected Principal Ma’am, we, at DPVN CBSE, constantly strive to create an environment that facilitates student achievement, improves student behaviour and attendance, and helps students develop socially.


Our respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Ashu Rana had class interactive sessions with the learners of grade 10th-12th. This manoeuvre was undertaken by the Principal to understand our learners’ perspectives.

The learners were encouraged to share their ambitions, study & daily schedules. Principal Ma’am also carefully addressed their concerns pertaining to academics, curriculum, extracurricular activities as well as school facilities and amenities. Towards the end of the sessions, the learners were given ‘Student Self-Reflection Questionnaire’ to understand themselves and their interests better. This questionnaire will also help the school to organise educational workshops and seminars for the enhancement and development of our learners and their careers ahead.

More such Principal-Learners Meet to take place with each grade in the coming days.

With a closely-contested finale between Spain and Colombia, the final match of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022 saw some spectacular and breath-taking sports moments. With the student-volunteers of DPVN actively participating in the event as the Player Escorts, Captain Escorts, Official Ball Carriers, National Flag and FIFA Flag Bearers, the field was brightened up and the football craze reached amazing levels.
As our nation is garnering appreciation from all over the world for playing a fine host to the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022, the highly revered sports hub, D. Y. Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai, has undoubtedly played the major role in making the mega international event successful and spectacular.


DPVN family, including the staff, students and parents, was extremely excited to get the exclusive opportunity to witness the highly anticipated, Finale and Closing Ceremony of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup on 30th October 2022, Sunday, hosted by the pride of our country, D. Y. Patil Stadium.

With a closely-contested finale between Spain and Colombia, the final match of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022 saw some spectacular and breath-taking sports moments. With the student-volunteers of DPVN actively participating in the event as the Player Escorts, Captain Escorts, Official Ball Carriers, National Flag and FIFA Flag Bearers, the field was brightened up and the football craze reached amazing levels.
As our nation is garnering appreciation from all over the world for playing a fine host to the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022, the highly revered sports hub, D. Y. Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai, has undoubtedly played the major role in making the mega international event successful and spectacular.


“An occasion to celebrate victory over defeat, light over darkness, awareness over ignorance, an occasion to celebrate life.”

DPVN CBSE celebrated the festival of lights on 19th and 20th October 2022 through various fun-filled creative activities as a part of the Art Fest. Right from Origami to Greeting Card Making, Collage Work to Paper Craft, learners across all the grades showcased their creative ingenuity through hand-made articles related to the festive season like lanterns, tea-light holders, greeting cards, diyas, etc. The learners also participated in Rangoli Competition and presented their artistic skills as a part of the celebrations.

The entire team of DPVN CBSE School Belapur, with the leadership of our respected Principal Ma’am, bathed in the vibrant lights of the most popular festival of our country.

May this auspicious occasion light up your life with happiness, joy and peace. Happy Diwali!


The learners and educators of DPVN CBSE visited the Shantivan Old Age Home, Panvel on 21st October 2022, Friday, to mark the occasion of the DPVN Founder’s Day 2022. The birthday of our Honourable Founder, Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil, on 22nd October, is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year as the Founder’s Day.

This year, under the guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, the DPVN CBSE School Belapur family decided to pay tribute to the renowned philanthropist and committed leader in our beloved Dada by paying a visit to the elderly people at Shantivan, a place created by him and extremely close to his heart. Spending some time with the ones who have shown us the path of life always brought smile to their faces and inspired our learners greatly.

The learners revisited the life and works of our beloved Dada through a short film and experienced the journey of dedication and kindness for the humanity. The learners also gave expression to their emotions and feelings about their lives being blessed with the principles and values of the exemplary personality of dear Dada. The message given by our revered Founder Sir is that of serving the mankind with love and compassion, and, once again, the love for humanity found a new dimension with the principles of our great mentor and inspirer, our very own Dada.


The professionals of tomorrow and learners of Grades VI, VII and VIII visited the Yusuf Meherally Centre on 20th October 2022, Thursday, for an insightful study of transformation of urban resources through men, money, and material, and with the participation of local people.

The trips are always encouraged by our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana, for their factual, observational and experimental significance, and enable us to enhance, develop and extend our curriculum.


This year our leaders, scientists, researchers, innovators in making visited various places to engage with the world outside their classrooms to explore their curriculum and engage with the wider community through educational day trips. The young learners of Grades III, IV and V interacted with the community helpers in a Fire Station on 18th and 19th October 2022. As a part of our experiential program, such trips provide the learners with a deeper understanding of the topics covered in theory classes.


At DPVN CBSE we are delighted that, once again, as a part of our experiential learning program, we have begun to expand the extra-curricular opportunities for our learners with the amazing opportunities of Field Trips.

The tiny ones of Grades I and II visited the Mango Garden on 18th October 2022, Tuesday, and marvelled at the beauty and processes of Mother Nature. The visit fostered the innate curiosity in them while allowing them to engage with the world outside their classrooms.


Mompreneurs’ Haat @ DPVN, a Diwali Exhibition cum Sale Fiesta, was organised by DPVN on 18th October 2022, Tuesday.

The Grand Opening of the spectacular fiesta was done by the admired Guest of Honour, Honourable Vice president, DY Patil Group, Mrs Shivani Patil. DPVN Mompreneurs, inspired and founded by the revered leader, our esteemed Shivani Ma’am, and initiated and guided by our respected Principal Ma’am, is a unique platform for the mothers of the DPVN family to connect and work together. Apart from the exquisite items and products available for exhibition and sale, the event also witnessed some entertaining dance performances and engaging games by the organizers.


The learners and parents of DPVN family were excited to get the opportunity to watch the exhilarating match of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Tournament in D Y Patil Stadium on 12th October 2022, Wednesday.

Thousands of football lovers from across Mumbai and surrounding regions had arrived to witness the historic matches. We are thankful to the Management and to our respected Principal Ma’am for the good time that we experienced while enjoying the international tournament.


“Events in our classrooms today will prompt world events tomorrow.”

DPVN CBSE conducted a workshop on Classroom Management as a part of DPVN Staff Development Program for the educators on 11th October 2022, Tuesday. The resource person for the session was the eminent trainer and author who is associated with Cambridge University Press, Ms Sonali Nadkarni. The intuitive session was an enlightenment regarding the development of right relationships with the learners for enhanced outcomes of teaching and learning. With the collective efforts of our educators and result-oriented guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, we aim towards building effective classrooms with active participants connecting the will to know with the will to become.


This Navratri, the members of DPVN community were overjoyed with the arrival of our Honorable Vice President, Mrs Shivani Patil, for the Puja and greeting everyone with Navratri wishes.

Following the traditions of the DPVN family, our beloved Shivani Ma’am performed the Aarti and Puja of Devi Maa, and spent some time with the DPVN family on the divine occasion. Respected Principal Ma’am, also wished everyone on this festival of victory of goodness over evil.


“May Maa Durga bless us with the strength to destroy all evils in our life, and fill it with joy and positivity.”

The staff and students of DPVN CBSE immersed in the festive season of Navratri and celebrated the joyous occasion of divine power through an array of musical and dance performances dedicated to Maa Durga. The festival of victory of good over evil brought in a new spirit among the learners with the inspiring message of our respected Principal Ma’am. The celebrations attained an expression of music, dance, joy and laughter with all the learners participating in Dandiya.


“To that Ambika who is worthy of worship by all devas and sages and pervades and saves this world by her power and who is the embodiment of the power of all the hosts of devas, we bow in devotion”.

The learners of DPVN CBSE brought in a world of creativity as an offering to the embodiment of Shakti on 26th September, Monday, to mark the beginning of the auspicious Navratri festival. While the innocent devotion of the little ones found a way through Dandiya Decoration and Flower Garland Making, the elder enthusiasts resorted to making Puppets of Ramayan Characters. Learners of Grades VII and VIII prepared to welcome all the optimism and good luck by making Door Hangings (Torans), and the admirers of the higher grades made Kalash and Durga Face to give expression to their feeling of spiritual joy. With the inspiration of our dear Principal Ma’am, the entire team of DPVN CBSE engaged whole-heartedly in worshipping the Goddess, and gave the world a message of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ as all the activities were conducted as a part of the Best Out of Waste Project.


“Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.”

The Investiture Ceremony of DPVN CBSE for the academic session 2022-23 was held on 23rd September 2022, Friday, to acknowledge the true leadership spirit of the learners and for bestowing the students with the responsibility of leading the school with honour. The occasion was graced by the presence of the Honourable Vice President, D. Y. Patil University, Respected Mrs Shivani V Patil. The Head Boy and the Head Girl, along with the members of the Students’ Council, were administered the oath by one of the most acclaimed leaders of our times, our beloved Shivani Ma’am. The newly elected members were profoundly inspired by her spirit, and donning the mantle of accountability, the members of the Students’ Council took the pledge to hold the school motto of ‘Believe and Become’ in high esteem and to abide by the school rules. The inspiring wise words of our respected Principal Ma’am, one of the greatly loved leaders and highly admired educationist, brought in the light of encouragement and direction for them.


“Cleanliness is not a discipline. It’s an expression of love and regard for all lives around us.”

The learners of DPVN CBSE participated in the Indian Swachhata League, India’s first inter-city competition led by youth towards building Garbage Free Cities. Under the enthusiastic guidance of our respected Principal, Mrs Ashu Rana, the learners, accompanied by the educators, rallied to the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. The famous musical band, Afreen, gave a musical tribute to the warriors of the cleanliness drive, and inspired our learners. The highlight of the entire event was the electrifying performance of the world-renowned singer who has taken the world by storm with his sensational music, Mr. Shankar Mahadevan.


Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology organized a QUIZ COMPETITION on Monday September 19th, 2022 at 10.00 am in HMCT auditorium which was graced by Honourable Chancellor Dr. Vijay Patil Sir. Among the valued dignitaries were the highly esteemed educationists, Deans and Principals of various schools and colleges. Six teams participated in the Quiz that was conducted by Mr Milind Wagle, the famous quizmaster. Under the guidance of our respected Principal Mrs. Ashu Rana, the students of DPVN CBSE got the opportunity to attend the enriching event and win the hearts of the audience by bagging 3 prizes in the Audience Round.


“Grandparents are angels who fill our hearts with unending love.”

The students of DPVN CBSE celebrated the purest love, one that never grows old, the love of their grandparents on 15th September 2022, Thursday. It was an emotional expression of gratitude and lifetime companionship projected through melody and fun games. While the seniors were elated with the showering of love by their best friends from another generation, children were happy gathering the lovely blessings from their grandparents. Our respected Principal also joined the students in wishing the grandparents, and the environment turned into a merry playhouse of mates separated by generations yet connected by heart.



The students of DPVN CBSE gave expression to their happiness and gratitude through music and dance while celebrating the birthday of our most Honourable President, Dr. Vijay Patil in the campus of D Y Patil School of Medicine, Nerul, on 17th September 2022. Under the guidance of our respected Principal, the students got the opportunity to wish and thank one of the best leaders, an exceptional educationist, a revolutionary sports enthusiast, and above all, their ideal role-model, Vijay Sir, on this special day.

16th September 2022, Friday, brought one of the most awaited days for the entire family of DPVN as we celebrated the birthday of our highly respected and deeply loved Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana. It is an occasion that allows us to express our sincere feelings and emotions for the charismatic leader who binds us together as a family, makes us feel important and heard, and gives us the confidence to turn vision into reality. All the wings of the DPVN family celebrated this enormous day with lots of enthusiasm. Not only the staff and the students, but Ashu Ma’am is highly admired by the parents as well who sent their best wishes for the exemplary leader on her birthday.



We feel blessed to be working with you and learning from you each single day. A source of inspiration and a role model for so many people around, you’re an amazing person and we thank you for all that. Wish you a fabulous birthday and a wonderful life.

16th September 2022, Friday, brought one of the most awaited days for the entire family of DPVN as we celebrated the birthday of our highly respected and deeply loved Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana. It is an occasion that allows us to express our sincere feelings and emotions for the charismatic leader who binds us together as a family, makes us feel important and heard, and gives us the confidence to turn vision into reality. All the wings of the DPVN family celebrated this enormous day with lots of enthusiasm. Not only the staff and the students, but Ashu Ma’am is highly admired by the parents as well who sent their best wishes for the exemplary leader on her birthday.


DPVN CBSE celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14th September 2022 (Wednesday) through a host of activities dedicated to and bringing alive the pride of the most widely spoken and understood language in our country. A special assembly in the morning dedicated to Hindi Diwas ignited the creative minds with the fervour for the language of our hearts. All the grades from I to X participated in various activities like Recitation, Story Telling, Picture-Description, Hindi Calendar and Flash Card Making, Essay Writing, Elocution, Advertisement and Poster Making, News Reading, etc. Our respected Principal Ma’am wished all the students on this special occasion that witnessed all the students engaged unitedly in showcasing the enormity and beauty of Hindi language and literature.


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

YMCA Belapur conducted a workshop on Stress and Anxiety Management for the learners of Grades IX and X of DPVN CBSE on 12th September 2022. Among the respected speakers for the session were Ms Rachael and Mr. Cyril who sensitized the learners regarding various reasons of stress in our day to day lives and also the ways to combat anxiety for consistent learning growth and improved performance in every walk of life.


The way you teach, the knowledge you share,
The care you take, the love you shower
Make you the world’s best teacher.
Happy Teachers’ Day!

DPVN celebrated Teachers’ Day on 8th September 2022, Thursday, to honour the dedication of the educators and encourage them. All the wings of the institute came together to celebrate the most-awaited occasion acknowledging and appreciating one of the noblest professions in the world. The day presented a beautiful amalgamation of creative expressions through music, dance and drama by the learners to pay homage to their mentors and guides. Educators were highly delighted and motivated by the words of our revered Principal, Mrs Ashu Rana highlighting the immense contribution of the fraternity of educators in shaping the world. Under her expert guidance, the team DPVN has been creating many milestones and delivering excellence through their performance. The celebrations also included felicitation of teaching and non-teaching staff by the respected Principal.


The learners of DPVN CBSE conducted a Special Assembly on 30th August 2022, Tuesday, the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi, to invoke the divine power of Ashtavinayaka. The learners worshipped the Lord, and dedicated their musical presentation to the Vighnaharta. The young worshippers were elated to be graced by the presence of our beloved Principal, Mrs. Ashu Rana, and hear about their very own Bappa from her. The obeisance dance by the learners filled the air with the fragrance of festive joy and heavenly purity.


Student Council Elections were held at DPVN CBSE for the session of 2022-23 on 25th August 2022. The students from Grades IX to XII filed their nomination for various positions and started campaigning for their respective posts by presenting their manifestos and making attractive posters to convince the student-voters to cast vote in their favour.

Students from Grades VI to XII casted their votes. The Student Council Election provided an apt environment for the students to experience the democratic process and exercise their right to vote. The sanctity of the entire polling process was ensured under the exemplary mentorship of our respected Principal, Mrs Ashu Rana.

Students exercised their right to franchise by choosing the candidates of their choice through ballot box. The final stage of the process was the rigorous interview by our esteemed Principal.


“If you love Krishna in any capacity, you shall never be frustrated because everything in Krishna is perfect, eternal, blissful and full of Knowledge.”

The staff and learners of DPVN CBSE organized a celebratory event on 18th August 2022 to mark the occasion of Janmashtami in a fun and artistic way.

The event focused on presenting the Lord in different hues of human life as Baby and Boy Krishna. Musical and dance performances depicting all the colours of Divinity mesmerised the audience, and a skit presented by the learners reminded everyone of the eternal message of the Omnipotent Supreme Power and inspired the learners to take the path of truth and duty. Respected Principal, Mrs. Ashu Rana, sensitized the learners about the true significance of Gokulashtami, and highlighted the relevance of the lesson taught by Lord Vishnu as Krishna in today’s world.


“Focus on your action and not on the results.”

The learners of Grades I to XII of DPVN CBSE celebrated the auspicious festival of Janmashtami with enthusiasm and vigour on 17th August 2022, Wednesday. An array of creative activities infused the atmosphere with the joyous spirit of divine advent on earth. Primary grades of I to IV engaged in “Paper Crown Decoration” and “Bansuri Decoration”, while Grades V to VII decorated “Paper Pots”. Grades VIII to X expressed their feelings for the Lord through drawings and paintings based on the theme of the occasion. The senior most grades of XI and XII decorated the Display Boards to welcome the new born Baby Krishna.

All the learners were overjoyed to celebrate the coming of Lord Vishnu on the earth with their friends and classmates. Encouragement from our dear Principal filled them with joy as they realised the real significance of celebrating this holy festival.


Dnyanpushpa Vidya Niketan celebrated the 76th Independence Day with enthusiasm and fervor under the guidance of respected Principal, Mrs. Ashu Rana. The vivid colours of the National Flag painted the DPVNites in the bright hues of patriotism and unity. Eminent medical professional, writer, NMMC corporator and social worker, Dr.Jayaji Nath graced the occasion as the honorable Chief Guest.

A colourful cultural program including intense, soulful musical rendition by the school choir and a breathtaking display of Taekwondo showcased the joy and dignity of Amrit Mahotsav.
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!


The social sciences have a critical contribution to make, in helping us understand, imagine, and craft a more sustainable future for all.”- UNESCO

The Department of Social Sciences of DPVN CBSE organised a three-day long celebration of the Independence Day Week from 10th to 12th August 2022, giving the learners of Grades I to X a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the core of the concept of freedom and realize its true spirit with the help of an array of creative activities like painting of national symbols and historical monuments, collage making, puppet-making, tricolour toran making, etc. Students of Grades IX and X also presented a skit and participated in extempore activity on the theme of patriotism and nationalism. As a part of the grand celebration of Amrit Mahotsav and a prelude to the remarkable 76th Independence Day of India, these activities ignited the spirit of dedication for our great country in the young nationalists. The students were really excited to showcase their creativity and highlight the essence of patriotism as the appreciative words of the respected Principal encouraged them to devote all their endeavours towards the progress of the nation.


A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

With the inspiration and guidance of the respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, the students and teachers of DPVN CBSE organized a Felicitation Ceremony on 12th August 2022 for the first batch of Grade 10 achievers of the session 2021-22. This was an occasion for all the students to hear from the school-toppers of the Board Exams about their journey and the secret of success, and take important tips from them. The school-topper, Ms Sharvari Joshi shared her experience and expressed her gratitude for the inspirational guidance of respected Principal Ma’am, and the school for helping her throughout, and her parents for their encouragement. Mst Yash Singh, the second highest scorer also thanked the exceptional support and help given to him at every step by the respected Principal Ma’am, and the personalized assistance provided to him by the teachers.


Dnyanpushpa Vidya Niketan conducted Prabhat Pheri, a rally, on 12th August 2022 (Friday) with the inspiration of the respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, just days before marking the 76th anniversary of the Independence Day. As part of the ongoing celebrations of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the rally aimed to intensify the feelings of patriotism. Led by the respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana and accompanied by the Section-Heads of different wings of the institution, the rally comprised of the learners marching with slogans displaying their heartfelt emotions for their Motherland with pride.


Rakshabandhan- a string that connects the wrist to the heart.

The learners of DPVN CBSE celebrated the special bond of brothers and sisters with their unique creations- exclusive Rakhis for their beloved siblings. Respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, encouraged the learners to be passionate with their ideas and creativity, as they brought their imagination into reality while trying to give shape to their emotions.


DPVN CBSE, with the inspiration and guidance of the respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, organized a Vocational Guidance lecture on 5th August 2022 for the students of Grade XI on pursuing a career in sports. Ms Snehal Shinde, the Physical Education instructor and coach, sensitized the students about the various opportunities available to them and the courses offered by different institutions.


The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity.”

The budding footballers of DPVN CBSE participated enthusiastically in the Under-14 and Under-17 Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament on 25th July and 1st August respectively held on the Yashwantrao Chavan Ground. The players showcased their hard work and dedication on the field with the determination to never give up that marks the virtue of a true winner.


“Self-defence is not only our right; it’s our duty.”

With the inspiration and guidance of the respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, DPVN CBSE conducted a session for the girls of Grade XII on 26th July 2022 to sensitize them about the meaning and importance of self-defence. The learners gained confidence as the session assisted them with the basic skills and techniques to defend themselves in the moment of need.


Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.”

On account of World Chess Day, young chess-masters of DPVN CBSE showcased their wisdom and clear-sightedness, calculating their best moves and realizing their winning plans on the chess board.


DPVN CBSE organised a special seminar on “Health, Hygiene and Nutrition in Children” for the students of Grades IX on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day. Dr.(Mrs) Sonali Akshay Tambe Wagh,M.D.(Homoeopathy), PGDHM&HC, Assistant Professor, YMT Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Kharghar was the resource person for the session. Dr. Sonali has a rich experience of around 20 years in Homoeopathy. Her article has also been published in Journal Aphorismiin 2020.

The seminar focused on the importance of hygiene and nutrition in maintaining good health in children. Students were sensitized about the ways to maintain hygiene and improve the nutritional value of their diet to enjoy better health. Dr.Sonali also addressed the issues related to mental and physical well-being of the adolescents.


DPVN CBSE invited the International Republic Model United Nations (I.R.M.U.N.), the Indian Youth run organization, led by Mr. Shreyash Varshney, to conduct a workshop for the students of Grades VI to XII on 06th July, 2022 in the school premises.

Ms VedhikaKokane and Ms Janhavi were the esteemed speakers and the session was aimed at equipping learners with self-confidence for the upcoming I.R.M.U.N. Mumbai Conference by focusing on general knowledge, the United Nations, Model United Nations, confidence building, other soft skills and the upcoming conference of the MUN.
We believe in empowering our learners with a global perspective and comprehensive understanding of the importance of a cohesive force to build a better future


“Math is the only place where truth and beauty mean the same thing.”

The Mathematics Department of DPVN CBSE organised a week-long celebration of Math from 4th to 12th July 2022 giving the learners a fantastic opportunity to engage in Math activities. Over the course of the entire week all the learners participated in different projects and tasks designed to challenge their thinking, develop Math problem solving skills and familiarize them with key concepts. The activities like ‘Math Dress up and Talk’, ‘Abacus Addition Model Making’, ‘Magic with Roman Numerals’ and Math Quizzes and Riddles kept the young  learners of the Primary Section in the awe of the magical Math. The learners of Secondary and Senior Secondary unearthed the patterns that shape the world around through Playing with Numbers, Integer Board, Mensuration, Working Models of the Number System, Trigonometry Ratio, Vector & Scalar Quantities in Real Life.


As a part of our enterprising moves towards a healthier planet, DPVN CBSE celebrated the World Environment Day on 6th June 2022 and organised a Plantation Drive to give the message of creating opportunities to understand and act towards a sustainable future with the support of the Management and under the guidance and leadership of the respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana.

Carrying forward this spirit empathy for the environment, the educators and learners of DPVN CBSE had the opportunity to be a part of the thoughtful and enriching event, Only One Earth, a panel discussion on environment, sustainability and action. Organised by D. Y. Patil University at D. Y. Patil Central Auditorium, HMCT, Nerul on 16th July 2022, the event was moderated by the young environmentalist, Ms Rajlakshmi V. Patil, Founder, D-CAL and Asst. Professor, Dr. Bhavika Verma, D. Y. Patil School of Medicine.

Among the esteemed speakers were Dr. Subhajit Mukherjee, Ambassador, Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan, and the environmentalist and founder of Beach Please, Mr. Malhar Kalambe. The environmentalist and founder of the Awaaz Foundation, Ms Sumaira Abdulali, was also among the panelists alongwith Dr. Chinu Kwatra, the Founder, Khushiyaan Foundation. Master Ayaan Shankta, the environmentalist and 2021 International Young Eco-Hero also participated in the event as one of the speakers.

Our educators and learners participated enthusiastically in the discussion and raised certain questions that are very relevant in the present times. The panelists and the audience combinedly brainstormed towards finding solutions that will resolve the conflict between environmental degradation and sustainable development.

DPVN is grateful to the honourable Management of D. Y. Patil University who invited us to be a part of the event as an acknowledgement of our sincere efforts towards making an indelible impact on the worldwide efforts to make our planet cleaner, greener and a safer place for the future.



“It’s not living that matters, but living rightly.”

With the cooperation of the honourable Management and guidance of the respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, The Right Living Program, a workshop for the learners of DPVN CBSE from Grades V to X was conducted on 19th July 2022 in the school premises by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and supported by the Heart Foundation & Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. The program was a part of the CAP (Children Are Precious) Project – The Right Living, a social initiative by the NMMC.

Looking at the immense set-back inflicted on the overall growth of the learners during their crucial developmental years by the Covid Pandemic, the NMMC has taken this initiative to educate learners about Physical, Mental, Social well-being, the right diet, tiffin audits and various ways of handling Medical Emergencies. The workshop aimed at Re-educating, Re-assuring and Rehabilitating them through a holistic approach.While the learners were made aware about the vector borne diseases, they were also sensitized about the Eye health, Body Care and Diet care in three different sessions, and were given a health booklet to help them follow the regular health and hygiene regime.

It was a very informative workshop for the young minds to develop positive outlook and healthy habits for individual as well as global benefit. The learners also took Mazi Vasundhara Pledge (My Earth Pledge) for taking small and consistent steps towards supporting the worldwide movement of bringing sustainable changes in our daily behaviour and activities to safeguard the environment, and saving our planet. As a recognition of our involved active involvement, DPVN CBSE is honoured with the Certificate of Participation by the ADHS-NVBDCP Konkan Division, Public Health Department of the State Government.


The English language is simply not logical. It is strong, free, and beautiful.”

– Edward Nelson Teall.

The English Department of DPVN CBSE organised a week-long celebration of the English language from 13th to 18th June 2022 making the school abuzz with a range of exciting and fun-filled activities like Recitation, Show and Tell, Elocution and Debate.Learners rendered their own ideas, interpretations and expressions to the activities and their unique presentations truly infused variety and fun to their performances. The enthusiastic participation of the learners brought alive the magic of English language and literature, and motivated them to enhance their language skills.


“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

DPVN CBSE celebrated the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2022 with zeal and enthusiasm in the school premises. Led by the respected Principal, Ms. Ashu Rana, the P.E. and Sports Department conducted a Yoga session “to discover the sense of oneness, the world and the nature.”  Our respected Principalsensitized the learners about the contribution of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in making Yoga Day accepted and celebrated world-wide. She also encouraged the learners to make Yoga and Meditation an integral part of their daily routine and explained the science of breathing, ‘Pranayama’.

Learners participated in the session and demonstrated various Asanas in sitting and standing postures. The importance and benefits of the Asanas,along with the time-proven Surya Namaskar,were well explained by the coaches. Relaxing exercises and meditation were also a part of this rejuvenating session.

As a part of the celebration of this remarkable day, the learners brought alive their creative instincts through various activities like Paper Bag Making and Yoga Logo Designing competitions. Learners realized the immense value of Yoga, the gift of India’s ancient tradition, while experiencing the true bliss of physical, mental and spiritual union.


DPVN CBSE and Junior College organized a Career Counselling Session in association with DY  Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Nerul for the learners of Grade XII on 18th June 2022 in the school premises. Functioning under the acclaimed flagship of
Dr. DY. Patil Group and led by the honorable President,
Dr. Vijay Patil and the admired Managing Trustee, Ms Shivani V. Patil,  DY Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies is an epitome of hospitality education.

The session commenced with the Principal, Ms. Ashu Rana, reiterating the importance of knowing one’s potential and interest before making a decision.She also emphasized on the importance of making informed decisions.

Among the dignified resource persons for the session was Ms Aarti Pandirkar, Vice-Principal of School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies with an industry experience with the best hospitality brands.

We also had Chef Parth Padval, Assistant Prof. at DY  Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies. A renowned personality as a Star Chef on National Television,he has authored multiple books on professional cooking and healthy foods. 

Next, among the esteemed dignitaries, was Prof. Dr. Iftekhar Shaikh who has been teaching French language since last 14 years and has taught French languageat the prestigious MumbaiUniversity.

We also had the gracious presence of the eminent Prof. Ajinkya Pandirkar with 10 years of international industry experience in F&B, Prof. Ms Shital Jain Agarwal with a rich experience in Education Marketing, and highly experienced Prof. Sameer Mankame

The session aimed at making the senior most DPVNitesof Grade XII aware of the multiple career options available and prepare them for venturing out in near future. The guests also shared information regarding various courses available so that the professionals of tomorrow can take well-researched decisions driven by their passion and ability


A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.”

The DPVNites celebrated this special day dedicated to the real heroes of their lives, their fathers. The infinite depth of emotions and appreciations for one of the most amazing bonds is well reflected in the candid timeless photographs of our learners with their fathers.


DPVN CBSE celebrated the World Environment Day on 6th June 2022 in association with National Safety Council, an autonomous organisation set up by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. It aims to generate, develop and sustain a voluntary movement on safety, health and environment. The school organised a Plantation Drive to give the message of creating opportunities to understand and act towards a sustainable future.

To encourage the environmentally conscious young learners, the celebration saw the gracious presence of esteemed dignitaries from the NSC. Among the dignitaries were Shri Lalit R. Gabhane, the Director-General, Shri Atmaram Y. Sundkar, the Director, Shri Rajesh R. Deoghare, Director, Shri M. M. Shahane, Assistant Director and Shri TanajiDamare, Senior Estate Officer from the NSC. Their presence was a great encouragement to the entire team of DPVN CBSE.

Shri Gabhane also addressed the students and sensitized them regarding the importance of celebrating the day highlighting the role that the global citizens of tomorrow can play in saving the Mother Earth.

DPVN CBSE was also awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation by the NSC as an acknowledgement of the team’s sincere efforts towards making indelible impact on the worldwide efforts to make our planet cleaner, greener and a safer place for the future.


DPVN CBSE gave a warm welcome to all the existing and new members of the faculty after the vacation with a grand Induction Programme and an enriching Training Session.

With the inspiration and guidance of the Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, the cohort of teachers were given a glimpse of the illustrious lineage of the D. Y. Patil Group. It was an opportunity for the new joiners toknow more about the senior leadership and educationists of DPVN CBSE and the core values, vision, mission and achievements of the institution. They were also introduced to the Code of Conduct and the School Manual of DPVN CBSE.

The second session of the day was facilitated by Ms. Rachna Sabu, Program Director, Centre for Assessment, Remediation and Therapy CART. With more than 18 years of experience as Consulting Psychologist and Special Educator with eminent schools and colleges in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Kalyan, Ms Sabu’s refined understanding and deep knowledge of human behaviour and child psychology will undoubtedly help the educators in catering to the individual needs of every learner.

It was followed by a comprehensive session by Ms Teena Jose, the Academic Coordinator. Ms Jose presented an overview and the key points of the National Education Policy along with an insightful synopsis of various pedagogical approaches highlighted by the CBSE. The teachers were also given an illustration ofthe Academic Planning for the session.
Ms Vidya Chavan, the Coordinator, concluded the day by an introduction and demonstration of the various in-house and external CBSE Trainings and Portals and walked the participants through the procedures and explained the significance.

The full-scale program was filled with ice-breaker games, energizers and fun-filled team activities like the Scavenger Huntand many more. All the participants and attendees were awarded Participation Certificates for their enthusiastic association and involvement in the program. As the sessions highlighted their roles and responsibilities as a member of the highly esteemed DPVN family, all the candidates thoroughly enjoyed the day and got the chance to know the organisation and their colleagues better.


With the inspiration of respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, the first ever summer camp organised by DPVN CBSE  witnessed the enthusiasm of the learners and excitement of the parents. The idea of learning something new and breaking boundaries was embraced with a lot of optimism. It gave us the chance to design something new, make new friends, create memories and weave magic.












Good beginnings lead to good endings.’
Keeping this adage in mind, a fun-filled and reinvigorating event was organised as part of the re-opening ceremony for the new academic year 2022-23 at the DPVN campus. Students’ favourite cartoon character, ChotaBheem made a special appearance spreading radiant smiles and making the students groove to popular tunes. The school assembly focused on bringing in positive vibes by reading passages from all the major scriptures. Our respected principal ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, welcomed the students and encouraged them to put their heart and soul to make the new academic session a huge success. Ma’am also familiarised students with the evolution of DPVN school, including infrastructural and academic progress. After the energetic and vibrant re-opening ceremony, students were led towards their respective classes, thus officially beginning the new session.