Our Educational Outcomes​

A. Academic Excellence

• Broad, balanced and comprehensive curriculum based on STEM
• Inquiry-based and Experiential learning
• All-inclusive approach that helps to attain one’s individual potential
• Project-based pedagogy
• Competency-based assessment guided by Bloom’s Taxonomy
• Effective and constructive feedback for progressive transformation
• Result-oriented remedial classes
• Bridge course for addressing learning gaps

B. Focus on 21st Century Skills
• Critical thinking
• Communication skills
• Creativity
• Problem solving
• Collaboration
• Technology skills and digital literacy
• Global awareness
• Social skill
• Innovation skills
C. Value-based Approach

• Commitment to excellence
• Embracing and appreciating diversity
• Social and environmental responsibility
• Integrity
• Respect and adherence to our national values
• Compassion

D. Artistically Passionate

• Encouraging all kinds of artistic expressions
• Celebratory performances
• Festive decorations
• Cultural performances
• Workshops and hands-on experience
• Art-integrated projects
• Competitions

E. Health and Sports

• World-class infrastructure for indoor and outdoor games
• Highly experienced and renowned coaches
• Well-designed fitness and sports regime

Our Key Enablers