DPVN Kids organized an exciting day picnic to Wonder Park in February 2024.

Excited to get a day with friends amidst joyful rides and serene natural beauty, the little learners were bubbling with enthusiasm to fill their hearts with sweet memories of childhood. The day gifted the tiny tots with an opportunity to play and enjoy outside the known environment of the classroom.

With the supreme orchestration of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids is committed to provide a happy and holistic environment to provide the best learning and evolving opportunities for the early education and development of the learners.



We’re thrilled to share the joy and celebration from our DPVN KIDS’ Annual Prize Distribution event! It was an absolute delight to witness the enthusiasm and talent of our little stars as they received recognition for their hard work and achievements throughout the year. From academic accomplishments to creative endeavors, sports achievements, each learner showcased their unique abilities and brought smiles to everyone’s faces!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their dedication and efforts. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn inspire us every day! Let’s continue to nurture and support these bright minds as they embark on their educational journey.

A big thank you to our Educators, staff, and parents for their unwavering support and encouragement.

Here’s to another year of learning, growth, and endless possibilities!


Annual Sports Day at DPVN Kids is always a wonderful day that highlights our strong school spirit, giving the tiny athletes the opportunity to participate in a range of fun sporting events and turning the ground into a smiles galore.


The DPVN Kids Annual Day 2023-24 was one of the most eagerly awaited events that showcased the talent, creativity, and enthusiasm of the little learners with the vibrant theme of “Zestful Harvest,” that celebrated the joy and abundance of nature’s bounty. The occasion was graced by the kind presence of the esteemed Chief Guest, Honourable Mrs. Shivani V Patil, Vice-President and Pro-Chancellor, D Y Patil University.

The event was a vibrant and colourful display of the different aspects of harvest season. The stage, adorned with props, and the tiny tots bringing life to the theme with their costumes, acting and dialogues, were a treat to the senses.

With a thoughtfully designed program that encompassed all the aspects of farming and the lives of the farmers, little actors and performers of DPVN Kids stole the hearts of the audience with cheerful music, creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement.

With the inspiration of the Honourable Management, and under the supreme guidance of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, the event celebrated the plenitude of nature’s gifts in the form of crops and expressed gratitude for the blessings it brings. The heartwarming performances of our tiny ones left the audience filled with a sense of joy and appreciation for the wonders of nature.


DPVN Kids organized an informative session on Good Touch, Bad Touch for the little learners. The sensitive yet important topic was aimed at educating the innocent children about appropriate and inappropriate physical contact.

It helped them to understand the difference between touches that are safe, respectful, and necessary, versus those that make them uncomfortable or violate their personal boundaries. They were also sensitized to speak up and seek help from a trusted adult in case of experiencing any inappropriate touch.

Under the expert coaching of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids is committed to create a safe and supportive environment where children are empowered with knowledge and encouragement to protect themselves and seek help if needed, promoting their overall well-being and safety.



As a part of our experiential learning program, DPVN Kids organized an educational trip to Agro Vegetable Farm and Butterfly Garden offering a unique and enriching experience for the little learners to gain a deeper understanding of the wonderful forces of nature. Under the supervision of the educators, the tiny ones were given a guided tour to explore different types of crops and learn about harvesting. The colourful world of butterflies also fascinated the young minds as they got the opportunity to observe the butterflies up close.

Under the holistic orchestration of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids strives to promote awareness about sustainable practices and environmental conservation so that learners can gain a greater appreciation for the natural world and understand the significance of preserving our ecosystems.


The little learners of DPVN Kids got the exclusive opportunity to experience the delightful Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony at D Y Patil Stadium organized by the Bakery Department of the Sports Café, D Y Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies under the guidance of the most respected, Mrs Pallavi Chaudhary, the Director, D. Y. Patil SHTS,Nerul.

The joyous event allowed the enthusiastic tiny ones to engage in a fun-filled activity and explore their creativity. Meeting their favorite Santa Claus was a nice surprise for the kids, and the day was made even more special with the delicious snacks arranged by the Bakery Department for the small guests.

With the supreme orchestration of our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, we strive to provide a conducive environment for the holistic development of the young minds who are going to shape the future with optimism and assuredness.



“Take what you learn and make a difference with it.”

The little learners of DPVN Kids took the LogiQids Test and showcased their mental aptitude through the skills of reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving and analysis. This test with a gamified approach and personalized learning aimed at developing various critical skill-sets and enhance mental aptitude in the kids.

Under the extensive direction of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids strives to provide the best environment and the most dynamic assistance in crafting the leaders of tomorrow.


At DPVN Kids, the festive spirit filled the air as the little learners engaged in various activities to celebrate this joyous occasion of Christmas. Tiny ones of Nursery created Christmas Tree by using Ice cream sticks , Junior KG created adorable Santa face-masks and those of Senior KG engaged in finger painting as they made beautiful wreaths. As the children were engrossed in their artistic endeavors, they were surprised by a special visitor – Santa Claus himself! The jolly old man in a red suit brought cheer and laughter to the preschool. The children were overjoyed to see Santa.

It was not only a fun-filled event but also a learning experience for the little learners as they showcased their creativity, and expressed their imagination through art. Moreover, meeting Santa Claus allowed them to experience the joy of giving and receiving, fostering a sense of kindness and generosity.

Being guided by a visionary educationist, most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids motivates tiny ones to discover the connections between academics and real life using their creative skills, develop psychological, social and emotional growth making learning natural and engaging.


“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Public Speaking competitions in class helps children to organize information and build their confidence. They learn and experience a skill which they use throughout their life.

 To provide an opportunity to our tiny learners to develop effective communication skills and to build their confidence, Public Speaking competition was organized in grades Junior KG and Senior KG. Such competitions are a unique platform for our little ones to develop and showcase their skills as communicators, whether it’s speaking or presenting with clarity and confidence.
The topic for the competition for the learners of Junior KG was “Healthy Food”, and, as an extension of that, for those of Senior KG was “Benefits of Healthy Food”. All the learners were given a chance to take part in the competition. They described the topic with a lot of confidence, facial expression and voice modulation. They were enthusiastic and their confidence was worth praising. Sharing the information with peers was fun and a learning experience for everyone. This activity also helped children to learn to communicate their feelings, thoughts and emotions with words.

 With the comprehensive guidance of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids is committed to provide the best opportunities to the young learners so that they evolve to be confident, responsible and compassionate young individuals.


As a part of DPVN’s Experiential Learning Program, DPVN Kids organized an engaging Fruit Salad Dressing Activity for the learners of Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG. The interactive session was aimed at introducing children to healthy eating habits with various fruits, flavours in a fun and hands-on way. Tiny chefs of DPVN Kids brought their imagination and creativity alive on plates with fruits salad in different forms of faces, trees, flowers and so on in decorative way. Few of our little salad chefs got the opportunity to meet their favourite role model, our most respected Principal Ma’am and showcase their talent of salad presentation.

DPVN Kids is being steered by the expert mentorship of our respected Principal Ma’am to create a learner-centric environment and provide the best learning opportunities to our learners.


Vibrant Colours of Rainbow in the sky of DPVN Kids

The tiny tots of Nursery Grade engaged in the Twisty Rainbow Colour Matching activity, and explored the bright world of colours with the interactive learning experience. Apart from developing colour recognition and improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, the activity also helped to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in the little learners. Through this hands-on experiential activity, learners enjoyed a creative and enriching experience under the guidance of the facilitators.

With the result-oriented and definitive direction of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids is committed to fostering each child’s instinctive curiosity, and with the belief that being given the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery will develop in them a love for learning.



DPVN Kids celebrated the vibrant and joyous festival of Navratri with great enthusiasm. Adorned in beautiful traditional attire, the little DPVNites’ excitement added to the lively spirit of the festival. The celebration not only enabled them to connect with the rich cultural heritage of our country, but also provided an opportunity to learn and grow holistically. The school campus was abuzz with the tunes of rhythmic Garba songs and the air filled with the infectious energy of tiny dancers as they showcased their talent.


This Navratri, Maa Durga emerged in all the forms at DPVN Kids as the most esteemed leader and mentor, Honourable Mrs. Shivani V Patil, the Vice President and Pro Chancellor, D Y Patil University, visited DPVN and performed Puja at the temple.

Inspired by Honourable Shivani Ma’am and being guided by our Most Respected Principal Ma’am, the day was an ode to the might, strength and innocence of womanhood through the little DPVNites.

Under the impeccable and enriching mentorship of the iconic woman leaders, we strive to create an environment conducive to celebrating and respecting our rich cultural traditions, and ensure that the upcoming generations of global leaders get a holistic upbringing, nourishing their minds, hearts, and souls.


At DPVN Kids, the little learners enjoyed the fun and educational activity of colour mixing water play and learnt about colours and combining them to make new shades. The activity provided a hands-on experience for the curious creators to explore and experiment with different hues, promoting creativity and critical thinking skills. The tiny ones freely explored, experimented and expressed their delight while witnessing the magic of colour transformation.

Under the overarching guidance of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids strives to provide valuable learning experiences and develop a deeper understanding. By providing a hands-on exploration, we aim towards enhancing the skills and encouraging the young minds to actively participate in their learning journey.


“Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success.”

The 3rd PTM and 1st Term Open Day for the session 2023-24 was conducted by DPVN Kids giving the parents insightful feedback of their wards’ strengths and the areas of improvement. It was an opportunity for the parents to put forth their queries and suggestions, and for the educators it brought the scope to interact with the parents and guide them regarding their role in the academic and behavioural development of their ward. The PTM also brought along the beautiful world of books for the learners and parents to get mesmerized and inspired, and develop the habit of reading.

It was also encouraging to hear the parents appreciate the schools’ efforts to continuously evolve, and give each learner the platform to take out the best in them. With and cooperation of our supportive parents, we continuously strive to nurture the talents of our tiny tots.

With the educators and parents collaborating constructively and brainstorming for the overall improvement of the learners under the skillful orchestration of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids is committed to discover and nurture the genius in every learner.


On the joyous occasion of Children’s Day, DPVN Kids organized a special celebration filled with fun activities and delightful surprises. The day started with a smiley face pasting activity that adorned the walls with a vibrant display of happy faces, representing the cheerful spirit of our small wonders.

The highlight of the day was the educators’ musical presentation. Their melodious voices and synchronized movements mesmerized the little learners. They sang popular nursery rhymes and performed lively dance routines, captivating the little ones’ attention and filling the room with laughter and joy.

The Children’s Day celebration at our preschool was a resounding success, leaving the children with cherished memories and a sense of happiness. Under the guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, it was a day dedicated to celebrating the innocence, laughter, and limitless potential of our precious little ones.


Working under the skilful orchestration of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids strives to provide a holistic and engaging learning experience to the learners, while giving them the opportunity to connect with our rich cultural heritage.


DPVN Kids organized a joyous Diwali celebration filled with exciting craft activities like finger painting activity on candles, creating lanterns with origami and assembling shape cutouts to make beautiful lanterns. The little artists had a blast, and their creativity shone through their artwork as they explored different techniques and expressed their creativity.

Working under the skilful orchestration of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids strives to provide a holistic and engaging learning experience to the learners, while giving them the opportunity to connect with our rich cultural heritage.


Environmental Science topics are made interesting through hands-on-activities in early years. At DPVN Kids, tiny learners set up their own Veggies Mart, ‘Fresh from the Farm’ as a part of our Experiential Learning Program on Friday, October 6, 2023. Learners brought vegetables which were displayed in a creative way under the guidance of the educators and non-teaching staff of DPVN Kids.

Learners had a fun filled experience of selling and buying vegetables from their peers. They were excited using the weighing scale and role-playing as vegetable vendors and buyers. The enriching and engaging activity gave the learners an opportunity to showcase not only their proficiency in handling money but also to display their communication skills.
The event also created an awareness about the importance and consumption of vegetables in regular diet. This occasion was used to reinforce and make the learners aware of the health benefits of eating fresh vegetables. The tiny tots also learned more about the taste, smell, colour and texture of each vegetable like leafy vegetables, gourds, mixed herbs, spices and other exotic vegetables.

It created a positive learning environment which provided our learners an amazing experience and they could connect this activity to the real-life experience.

The little learners of DPVN Kids were overwhelmed with joy as they got the opportunity to meet and interact with Honourable Mrs. Shivani V Patil, Vice President and Pro-Chancellor, D. Y. Patil University.
The tiny tots seized the occasion and showcased their knowledge and skills through a pictorial and verbal representation of the ‘Fresh from the Farm’ @ DPVN Kids Veggies Mart, an immersive experiential activity organized by the school. The immaculate guidance of our most respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Ashu Rana, and the efforts of the team reflect in the confidence and success of the learners that won the hearts of everyone.


At DPVN Kids, Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated as a tribute to the world-leader, Mahatma Gandhi, and educate the future citizens of our country about the life and teachings of this great leader. Filled with engaging and enriching activities for the learners, the day brought alive the values that the most respected leader of humanity embodied.

The little learners of Grade Nursery engaged in a fun activity where they made paper cutouts of Gandhiji. The tiny ones of Junior KG had an exciting time colouring the picture of Mahatma Gandhi, and the young artists of Senior KG explored the concept of Gandhi’s three monkeys of values: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” They enthusiastically coloured pictures of these monkeys, understanding the importance of these values in their own lives.

To make the celebration even more special, one of the learners of Senior KG, Master Reyansh Jadhav, dressed up as Bapu portraying Gandhiji’s iconic look, and garnering the attention and admiration of the audience.
The highlight of the day for our learners was the opportunity to meet and interact with our most esteemed Principal Ma’am as she emphasized the values of truth, non-violence, and equality as taught by the supreme champion of humanity. The learners listened attentively, deepening their understanding of Gandhiji’s profound impact on India and the world.
Gandhi Jayanti celebration at DPVN Kids was a memorable and educational experience for our little ones. Through various activities and interactions, they not only learned about Mahatma Gandhi’s life but also imbibed his values and principles.


During the Ganesh Festival, various activities were organized for the little learners of DPVN Kids. The tiny ones of Nursery Grade enjoyed a leaf sticking activity, where they used colorful leaves to create beautiful artwork. The small Bappa fans of Junior KG had a blast with a colorful sand painting activity, where they used different shades of sand to make vibrant and creative designs.

The learners of Senior KG engaged in a grain sticking activity, where they used different grains like rice and lentils to create intricate patterns and pictures. These activities not only provided a fun-filled experience for the tiny ones with tremendous enthusiasm but also helped them to explore their creativity and learn about different materials and textures.
Under the comprehensive orchestration of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids strives to provide a holistic environment for the overall development of our learners and develop a sense of honour and pride for our rich and diverse cultural heritage.



Janmashtami, the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth, was a joyous and vibrant affair at DPVN Kids with the little ones dressed colourfully as Radha and Krishna, adding to the festive atmosphere. The children enjoyed the devotional song depicting life of Lord Krishna. They were also taught about the significance of Janmashtami and the values associated with it, such as love, compassion, and righteousness.

The highlight of the celebration was the puppet show on the birth of Lord Krishna. It was heartwarming to see the little ones immerse themselves in the festivities and learn about our rich cultural heritage.


The DPVN Kids Fancy Dress Competition was a delightful event that showcased the creativity and enthusiasm of our little learners. The vibrant event aimed to encourage self-expression and boost confidence of the tiny tots.

The theme of the Fancy Dress Competition was “Animals and Birds,” which inspired the children to dress up as their favourite animals and birds. The tiny tots of Nursery dressed up as wild animals. The junior masters of Junior KG spread out their wings as the colourful birds, and the kiddos of Senior KG dived into the depths of water as aquatic animals.

The event not only allowed the children to display their costumes but also provided an opportunity for them to develop their public speaking skills. The highlight of the event for the learners was an opportunity to perform in front of their favourite Principal Ma’am and a chance to interact with her.
With the encouragement of our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids aims to provide a platform for collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, and the learners themselves. Through such events, we continue to nurture a love for learning and creativity in our preschoolers, setting them on a path of lifelong discovery.


Expressing their gratitude for the great craftsmen of the society, the teachers, the little learners of DPVN Kids brought into play their creative and artistic intelligences, and celebrated Teachers’ Day in their own style. The tiny ones of Nursery made colour art, while the students of Junior KG tried to impress their role models with flower bouquet craft, The students of Senior KG made cards and gave the message of gratitude to their teachers.

The joyous atmosphere highlighted the significance of teachers and served as a reminder of the profound impact teachers have on the society.

Guided by one of the most celebrated educationists, our most respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids is committed to strive for excellence and leave a legacy of extraordinary service for generations.

2nd PTM

The 2nd PTM for the session 2023-24 was held by DPVN Kids on 2nd September 2023, Saturday, giving the parents an opportunity to meet the educators and discuss about their kids’ developmental program in detail engaging actively in their educational journey. Parents were truly elated and motivated as they got the chance to meet the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana, and receive insightful advice about playing an effective role in enhancing the experience of their children.

One of the highlights was the Book Fair organized by Prokid Publications. It provided an excellent opportunity for parents to explore a wide variety of books for their children. The fair featured books from different genres, allowing parents to choose those that cater to their child’s interests and reading levels.

Another exciting event during the PTM was the visit to the DPVN STEAM lab by parents. Parents appreciated the initiative as they got the chance to witness firsthand the hands-on learning experiences that the DPVNites are exposed to in the lab.


A story telling competition was conducted for the little story-tellers of DPVN Kids on 23rd August 2023, Wednesday, to help develop their listening and speaking skills. Their performances amazed everyone as the familiar stories found a new expression and appearance giving wings to their imaginations. The audience was all hooked to the stories with endearing facial expressions, accurate voice modulation and creative props of the tiny presenters.

With the dynamic leadership of our respected Principal Ma’am, and whole hearted support of our cooperative parents, team DPVN Kids is dedicated to provide an enriching experience to our young learners blending fun and learning.


Rakshabandhan – a bond of love, a bond of togetherness.

The little learners of DPVN Kids celebrated Rakshabandhan with their creativity finding a way to the siblings’ hearts. Under the guidance of respected Principal, Ms Ashu Rana, the tiny-tots learnt the meaning of rakhi while employing their craft ideas to create one as a symbol of special bond and unity.


The little learners of DPVN Kids engaged in a creative paper cutting session with safe and comfortable child-friendly scissors. While learning the correct way to hold scissors, kids found so much more fun and success in cutting shapes.

Besides helping in developing the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination of the kids, the session allowed them to gain accuracy in cutting simple and complex shapes and forms. Cutting along lines also offered them a way to gain accuracy and precision in bilateral coordination skills so they can use both hands together in a coordinated manner.


“May the tricolour always fly high in the sky and may the spirit of freedom always fill our hearts.”

The tiny nationalists of DPVN Kids felt the fervour of freedom while getting engaged in the magic of the tricolour. Their unique creativity with the vivid colours of our National Flag filled everyone with intense patriotism.

With faith in our hearts and Independence in our thoughts, let’s salute the nation…
Happy Independence day!!!


“Art is the journey of a free soul.”

The tiny artists of DPVN Kids put their imaginative and artistic skills to test as they participated in Drawing and Coloring Competition, and created magic on papers with their unbound creativity. The petite painters of Nursery and Junior KG displayed their confidence with colors, and the budding artists of Senior KG showed their expertise of drawing and coloring winning the smiles and touching hearts.
At DPVN Kids, we strive to unfold a world of possibilities for the curious minds and dynamic souls to explore and experience a fulfilling childhood laying the perfect foundation for a safe, secure and successful future.


DPVN Kids is committed to provide the most conducive learning environment to the learners in their early years of development.

Taking the Experiential Learning and Thematic Learning ahead, our tiny tots were given the opportunity to engage in understanding the world of plants better. While the learners of Nursery were introduced to the various parts of a plant, the day witnessed the young minds of Junior KG engaged in seeing up close how a seed grows and what would actually be happening under the ground during seed germination. The curiosity of the learners of Senior KG found answers through the Seed Germination : Project Based Learning (PBL) Activity done in the class

Through an array of engaging curricular and co-curricular activities specially curated to nurture the young minds, DPVN Kids aims to create a conducive environment to make learning joyful and effective.


The little learners of DPVN Kids actively participated in the Hindi Recitation Competition on 12th July, Wednesday, and displayed their oratory skills, fluency of speech and expression of words. The confidence and simplicity of the tiny reciters won the hearts of the panel of judges. Apart from developing an urge to improve continuously with each experience, the competition also kindled the love for poetry and interest in Hindi, the ‘Rashtrabhasha’ of our country.
Through an array of engaging curricular and co-curricular activities specially curated to nurture the young minds, DPVN Kids aims to create a conducive environment to make learning joyful and effective.


Hands-on with DPVN Kids

As a part of the art integrated curriculum and fun learning program of DPVN Kids, the little learners engaged in number making activity with the help of dough and colored sand. The activities were planned to aid the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through tactile learning experiences.
The carefully curated curriculum at DPVN Kids aims to give the young students the correct stress-free environment, personal attention and scientifically formulated schedule of activities to nurture their growing brains. Under the expert guidance of the most respected Principal Ma’am, the team strives to give the appropriate socio-emotional care to each child and help develop the right inter- and intra-personal intelligence.


“Circle Time brings just the right blend of structure, enjoyment and learning!”

At DPVN Kids, we encourage our learners to get involved in group learning, and encourage positive group interactions with all the learners. A highly effective tool for this particular time of the day are the flashcards which help the educators to introduce a topic or transit from one activity to the next. The flashcards are used as a part of the curriculum on a routine basis.

DPVN Kids promotes the incorporation of positive and light-hearted activities during the Circle Time for learners to enjoy and build a sense of community. It not only gives them a break from the regular academic work but also works on many crucial interpersonal areas including the 21st Century skills.


“It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.”

At DPVN Kids, we believe that kids learn best through holistic, real-life experiences making better connections with concepts and developing a deeper understanding. With the aim of making teaching and learning more cohesive, we apply the most innovative practices and methodologies to the classroom topics.
As a part of our thematic learning program, the little learners of DPVN Kids engaged in a fun and creative activity session of making finger puppets, paintings, craft-work, and many more that helped them to indulge deeper into the world of animals and reinforce their knowledge.


“In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.”

The tiny ones of DPVN Kids celebrated the National Doctor’s Day on 30th June, Friday, as a gesture of tribute to the greatest spirit of service to mankind. They displayed a fine mix of imagination and creativity to give form to their gratitude through colorful cards.

Steered by the superlative leadership of our respected Principal Ma’am, DPVN Kids aspires to craft generations of thoughtful global citizens who acknowledge and honor the contribution of each segment of the society.


“Good things come to those who sweat.”

The tiny trainees of DPVN Kids celebrated the agility and action through a session of Mass Physical Training under the expert guidance of our facilitator. It is our aim to build a practice of physical fitness in our future generations and make them strong and confident to be able to sustain the changes and lead the world.
With a comprehensive approach of our rigorous curriculum, DPVN Kids ensures holistic well-being of our little learners.


The little learners of DPVN Kids celebrated Eid with the joy of creativity through their art and craft work on 27th June 2023, Tuesday.

The tiny tots depicted their ideas beautifully in the colors of their vivid imagination. Under the comprehensive direction of our most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana, team DPVN Kids is committed to foster the inherent talents of the learners while instilling a connection and deep respect for our rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

On this special occasion, DPVN kids wish Almighty to open the doors of success and prosperity for all. Warm wishes on Eid to everyone!


“Yoga is the stillness amid motion.”

The tiny ones of DPVN Kids celebrated the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2023, Wednesday, with excitement in the school premises. The little learners participated actively in a Yoga session with their educator and learnt some simple yet beneficial Yoga postures. The importance of Yoga to keep the mind and body healthy was also explained to them.

Under the outstanding guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana, we endeavour to build a culture of holistic fitness in our young geniuses that will help them to go beyond just being successful and become valuable for the entire society with healthy body and stable mind.



“The support of a father is invaluable, and his love endures forever.”

The little learners of DPVN Kids celebrated the Father’s Day on 16th June 2023, Friday, by expressing love and gratitude to the hero of their lives through their creative skills. The deep affection of the tiny admirers for their father found an apt manifestation in the greeting cards made by them.
At DPVN Kids, we provide a stimulating environment that fosters curiosity, freedom and capacity for self-expression with an ethos based on core human values. Under the supreme guidance of our exemplary leadership, our learners develop the intrinsic and discerning values building a strong sense of community and belonging.


Grand Welcome for the Little Learners of DPVN Kids

“You’re as welcome as the flowers in May and we love you in the same old way.”

DPVN Kids organized a special Welcome Assembly on 13th June 2023, Tuesday, for the tiny tots to greet them to the session after the summer vacation. The educators conducted the special assembly that was graced by the presence of the most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs Ashu Rana. The assembly started with welcoming and felicitating respected Principal Ma’am. The little learners were elated by the performance of their educators on their chosen rhymes. A special attraction of the assembly was the Gummy Bear song that aroused them to shake a leg with their educators. The highlight of the day was the welcome address by their favourite Principal Ma’am that infused them with renewed energy after the break.


“School bells are ringing, loud and clear, Vacation’s over, school is here.”

The tiny tots of DPVN Kids were excited to come back to school after a rejuvenating summer vacation on 12th June, Monday, and were overwhelmed with joy as they received a grand welcome from their educators. The happiness of the little ones knew no bounds as they whirled and twirled to the music of their favorite rhymes. The smiles on their faces for the special take away was truly heart-warming for the entire team. Our keen little observers were ecstatic to meet and hear from their best-loved role model, our most respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Ashu Rana. They were on cloud nine as respected Ashu Ma’am made a visit to each and every class and interacted with the learners.
Being one of the top preschools of our country, and the best in Navi Mumbai, DPVN Kids is committed to make every day at school filled with fun and learning. With the motivation of our Honourable Management, and resourceful guidance of our most respected Principal Ma’am, our team at DPVN Kids strives to implement effective learning by developing an inquiry approach, facilitated through play and supported by a positive and stimulating learning environment.