74th Independence day celebration–acknowledging the free spirit of ournation The school organized 74th Independence daycelebration and our children came forward filled with enthusiasm, passion andpatriotism. These young DPVN children made the event shinier with theirremarkable poem recitation, singing, dance and speech performances via onlinemeeting platform. The students expressed their gratitude towards India–ourcountry and all the freedom fighters.


Letting our hearts be moistened by Lord Krishna’s grace on Janmashtmi.Despite of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, our students are greatly influenced by special days and festivals. They saw arrival of Janmashtmi and made most of it by showing their joy through drawing and colouring handis. Also, teachers arranged a fancy dress competition with Janmashtmi theme. To our surprise, on 11th of August 2020, DPVN had many Lord Krishnas, many beautiful Gopis and Radhas. Here’s a peek into DPVN’s Gokulashthami celebration.


Our primary school students are exceptionallygood at craft and designing when it comes to rakhi making and they all made fewrakhis this year too. As we see our students, we realize that it’s not justabout making rakhi, it’s about the feeling of being tied to the rich cultureand love.


Celebrating Yoga day; experiencing self-enlightenment!

Yoga day was virtually celebrated in the morning of 21st June, 2020. Our little DPVN-ites, dressed up in comfortable clothes, participated in this celebration which was instructed and lead by our physical education and sports teacher. The students showed lots of interest and curiosity in performing many basic yoga asanas and knowing the benefits of each.


Let us celebrate International Day of Peace by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the covid-19 pandemic.


World Math Day is celebrated on October 15! Since maths can be a daunting subject for many students, maths quizzes, competitions and innovative teaching methods can make the learning of such a subject easy and fun. With this insight in mind, we are encouraging students to participate in creating their own math-themed games, get rid of their fear, creative description of tough math problems and in turn sharpen their math skills.


October 15, is the birthday of our beloved “Missile Man”, former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and as a tribute to his vast contribution in the field of science and knowledge sharing through books, our state observes this day as“ Maharashtra Reading Day”.

APJ Abdul Kalam, strongly believed that books can be an individual’s best friend, it motivates, energizes and ignites a young mind to imagine beyond boundaries. Hence we took this initiative of observing the reading day to inspire our children with books and inculcate the habit of reading and help preserve the reading culture which otherwise is getting challenged by the advent of cell phones and other devices at a very early age.


After the kick-start of our MUN journey with an orientation programme followed by a mock MUN, it was finally time to witness the fun and enlightening MUN session where our young minds placed their best foot forward by discovering and discussing several facts, in favour and against the agenda of the the session. Keeping the prevailing circumstances in mind, the agenda of the first DPVN MUN was “The aftermath of Covid 19”. Our young delegates spoke about the agenda representing their alloted countries. The panel raised queries and a series of rebuttal questions were answered amongst the delegates. On the whole, the DPVN MUN was a great success and seemed no less than an actual UN conference.


The CBSE teachers underwent an extensive training program to enhance their knowledge and competency skills in the teaching learning process. The training highlighted on correlating Bloom’s taxonomy with the digital platform of education, which can be also applied on the currently ongoing online learning portal besides classroom teaching. It was a wonderful and enriching experience for our teachers.


It was overwhelming to see our students actively participating in ‘!NQUIZITIVE’, a science quiz conducted by VSSF(Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation) on 19th December,2020. Through this VSSF has indeed provided a great opportunity for our young learners to understand their aptitude and satisfy their quest of scientific knowledge.


The team DPVN came together to soak in the glory of Christmas celebrations. The festival of love, hope and warmth brought the reason once again to connect and share, to bond and be merry. Yes, it’s the charisma of the carols, the grandeur of the glory that everyone experienced with the colours, lights and the music.

The day was very nicely celebrated virtually with all the teachers and the students coming together through various activities. While the carols and Christmas songs struck just the right note in everyone’s heart, the pretty DIY Christmas crafts presented by the students gave them an opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation. Besides being fun, it also gave a message to the world….the message of beginning anew from the remnants, the spirit that never gives up and holds the courage to rise from rags. With the hope that this Christmas brings in today’s world everything that is positive…happiness, health and harmony

The DPVN fraternity wishes Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New year ahead to everyone!!!


The students of Dnyanpushpa Vidya Niketan celebrated the 72nd Republic Day virtually with grandeur and solemnity. In the wake of the global pandemic, the students arranged a programme filled with music, dance, skit and speech that spoke of nation and nationalism in the current situation.

The students also tried to give the message of unity and safety through their performances.

The programme ended with the audience feeling a revived and renewed love and respect for the country.