Secondary Students at DPVN CBSE School Navi Mumbai enjoying sports activities

The Secondary curriculum at DPVN CBSE School Navi Mumbai is essentially based on the guidelines of CBSE. At DPVN we aim to provide an all-round development of the students with a holistic approach towards education. Our Secondary School Curriculum is designed in a well-structured and strategical manner to provide natural progression from Primary to Secondary learning level.

We promote a broad and balanced understanding in our students to enable them to analyse information, make informed decisions and communicate effectively. Hence, we focus on 21st Century Skills and make our students feel confident with their progress and approach.

At DPVN’s Secondary CBSE School Navi Mumbai, we develop a world-view in our students that is in alignment with the constitutional values and the assuredness to apply their knowledge constructively in real-life contexts. To achieve this outcome, our curriculum is infused with a learner-centric approach directed towards developing adequate knowledge and skills in essential core areas.