“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” – Maria Montessori

Young students enjoying learning activities at Best Pre Primary School

The academic structure of our Best Pre-Primary School is focused towards the future success of our young students. It is scientifically proven that the early years of life comprise the most important phase in the children’s development, and a strong foundation in social, pre-academic and general life-skills during these years helps them to succeed ahead. It is during this crucial time that they learn about themselves, the people around and the world outside. The seeds of the vital life-skills like effective communication, decision-making and creativity are sown at this age.

DPVN, the Best Pre Primary School, has a customized experiential curriculum that is designed to provide the ideal setting for the young minds to explore, investigate, experience and comprehend through play and other joyous activities. The curiosity and enthusiasm of the young children are kept alive to promote the attitude of life-long learning with confidence. The prime areas that act as a driving force behind supporting them personally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally are addressed with care and compassion by a team of trained and dedicated professionals in a safe and secure environment.

Our theme-based lessons and engaging activities focus on holistic development of the child by nurturing on the multiple intelligence. Hence making us one of the Best Pre Primary School in Navi Mumbai.


Focused areas in education at Best Pre Primary School