DPVN PRIMARY School in Belapur

(Grades I to V)

Children enjoying learning activities at DPVN CBSE Primary School in Belapur

The Primary curriculum at DPVN CBSE Primary School in Belapur is essentially an advanced program of the skills and competencies developed through the Pre-primary education. It facilitates development of the foundational literacies that include Language Skills, Numeracy Skills, Scientific Skills, ICT Skills and Social/Civic Literacy. Besides, our cherry-picked program of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities under the guidance of experts ensures multi-dimensional progress of the learners.

Our extensive and learner-friendly course prepares the learners at this level for the decisive stage of career selection and career building in the years ahead while keeping in view the transformative needs of tomorrow.

With the academic excellence, our focus is also on enhancing the social and personal skills of the learners for their holistic development.

At DPVN CBSE Primary School in Belapur, our trained and experienced educators challenge the curious minds while encouraging the linguistic abilities, mathematical skills, scientific temperaments and cultural understanding.

Subjects for Grades I to V

Primary School in Belapur Academic Strcture of Dnyanpushpa Vidya Niketan